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      March 13, 2022

      4 nuances of testing Expert Advisors in the MetaTrader 4 terminal that not all traders know about

      [info_block align="right"]Please note that the quality of quotes history varies from broker to broker, which can cause serious discrepancies in the results of testing one...
      February 13, 2022

      How to write a trading robot if you are not a programmer? 8 steps from idea to implementation

      A trader's brain does not function in the usual way. A person far away from financial markets acts rationally and predictably. When in...
      October 20, 2021

      How to speed up your MetaTrader 4 terminal in 5 minutes?

      Every trader knows that the trading terminal MetaTrader 4 is periodically updated. Of course, there are positive moments in it, but today let's talk about...
      October 12, 2021

      Battle of the Robots: Buy Expert Advisor or Free Download?

      Sooner or later any trader comes to the idea of using Expert Advisors. By typing "trading advisor" into the search engine line a trader...
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