28 December, 2020

    Business ideas during a pandemic, lockdown and covid

    In this article, we'll talk about interesting business ideas that are relevant during a pandemic. And also after its completion, tk. the world is unlikely ...
    21 December, 2020

    10 promising business ideas from the USA

    In this post we will look at new ideas that can be successfully implemented in our country. They are already functioning in the USA ...
    21 December, 2020

    7 best business ideas for making money with China

    Thinking about their own business, every potential entrepreneur is eager to do the most profitable business. However, it shouldn't be too ...
    14 December, 2020

    5 promising ideas for online business

    If you've been putting off the idea of ​​starting your own online business for a long time, now is the perfect time to start making your goals a reality. No…
      2 weeks ago

      What Gazprom will grow on: gas prices in Europe flew above the dock levels

      Gazprom shares approached the significant mark of 229 rubles, which they could not overcome at the beginning of the year. If this time ...
      3 weeks ago

      Brent oil price is approaching a record $ 60 per barrel

      The last time it was so high was almost a year ago, on February 20, 2020. Then this mark was strong, now ...
      3 weeks ago

      Tatneft shares have all the drivers for growth to 650 rubles

      Today, the focus is on Tatneft shares, both preferred and common. All thanks to the forecast of fantastic double-digit pro prefs of the company. ...
      January 19, 2021

      The price of oil above $ 50 is a miracle, and $ 57 is generally a Christmas present.

      The price of Brent oil continues to correct after an impressive increase amid the extension of the OPEC + deal until the end of February. Given the current ...
      January 19, 2021

      Amazon buys Cyprus? You can earn!

      Amazon doesn't mind buying Cyprus. Saxo Bank shared this with the whole world in its forecasts for 2021. On…
      22 December, 2020

      The scale of the next GBPUSD collapse is difficult to assess

      The rate of the pair pound / dollar online The British pound against the dollar opened on Monday with a gap down. The reason is in addition to the unresolved ...
      22 December, 2020

      Will buyback stop the decline in AFK Sistema shares?

      Schedule and dynamics of AFK Sistema News: AFK Sistema announced that it is extending the buyback program until December 31, 2021, or ...
      17 December, 2020

      Are you continuing to buy euros?

      Online euro to dollar rate The euro to dollar rate continues to grow rapidly, having added 14% since spring. Quote 1,2 for EURUSD ...
      16 December, 2020

      Buy Qiwi Stock Now - Catching the Falling Knife?

      Qiwi Stocks Today Qiwi Stocks are the underdogs of last week. After the imposition of a fine and restrictive measures on payments in favor of ...
      16 December, 2020

      The pound / dollar could collapse from the slightest negative

      Pound sterling rate against the US dollar Despite the active growth of the dollar rate last week, the GBPUSD quotes remain in an upward ...

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        New Circumstances Revealed In SEC Vs. Ripple Case

        "Bitcoin party" may end in disastrous for its participants

        Bitcoin crash - painful correction or end of the rally?

        -18% in a day: Yellen actually declared war on bitcoin

        Further growth opportunities for Ripple (XRP) are severely limited

        Bitcoin is already $ 52000 - $ 60000 is just around the corner

        Bitcoin is attracting more and more attention of corporate investors

        Bitcoin price today: new day - new record

        Bitcoin problems are now not understood only by "unicellular"

        Bitcoin has not yet been able to overcome the $ 48 level


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