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      3 weeks ago

      History of quotes for MetaTrader 4

      A detailed check of the efficiency of the investigated trading tactics in the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) strategy tester requires the quotes history of a particular trading ...
      January 12, 2023

      Your undocumented features when writing EAs in MQL4

      The magazine publishes many reviews of advisor programs and their performance: some are more successful, while others are immediately considered unprofitable, which is also...
      January 11, 2023

      Returning to Puria

      The trading advisor Puria is well known among traders. The algorithm of the Expert Advisor is widely described on the Internet. The original description of the principle of operation...
      January 11, 2023

      BeeJay trading strategy research

      In this issue we will consider a strategy based on four indicators that are standard for the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal and popular in the...
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