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    4 days ago

    The rise in gold prices is simply inevitable

    Online Gold Quotes The price of gold continues to decline from the highs of $ 2000 per ounce, forming a downward channel. Technically ...
    6 days ago

    We are waiting for the growth of shares

    Shares of Mail Group ( After a significant (more than 8%) decline in the share price of amid news that ...
    2 weeks ago

    There are no fundamental reasons for the rise in oil prices

    Brent oil quotes online The price of oil was unable to gain a foothold above the resistance at $ 43 and go to $ 46,73. Despite…
    2 weeks ago

    PayPal sponsors bitcoin price growth

    Bitcoin price online The price of bitcoin continues its active growth, which began in March 2020 from the level of $ 3750. Now…
    3 weeks ago

    Low oil price is for a long time

    Brent oil quotes online The oil price continues to remain in a sideways movement with a downward correction. A lot of factors contribute to this ...
    3 weeks ago

    Buyers believe in Gazprom's strength

    The price of Gazprom shares is online today Gazprom shares continue to correct in the downward channel amid news about the appeal of the fine from the Polish ...
    4 weeks ago

    Swiss Franc will make money against the trend

    USDCHF chart and dynamics During the current crisis, the quotes of the USDCHF currency pair fell by 9% - reaching almost parity ...
    29 October, 2020

    Flat in gold is a good reason to buy with a target of $ 2000 / oz.

    Online Gold Quotes The price of gold continues to be in a sideways channel, approaching the lower border of the narrowing triangle. The markets have calmed down a bit ...
    15 October, 2020

    Apple shares fall: presentation fell short of investor expectations

    Apple shares today. Cost, dynamics and schedule online Apple shares yesterday reacted with a gap and growth in anticipation of the presentation of the new iPhone ...
    15 October, 2020

    Biden's victory could bring negative for Facebook stock

    Facebook share price Facebook shares continue to recover from the September downturn, having already regained a 50% decline. However, investors are starting to talk ...


      Bitcoin price collapsed faster than it grew

      Russians' interest in bitcoin has reached maximum levels in the past eight months

      There is very little bitcoin left until 20 thousand dollars

      Revealed the real reason for the rapid growth of bitcoin

      Ripple is in the top again: + 32% in price over the weekend

      Even astrologers recommend buying bitcoin

      Bitcoin Price: - $ 1300 for just one hour

      Bitcoin Growth Rate Peak Since June 2019

      Bitcoin price: +1000 dollars in just one day

      If Bitcoin closes the week above $ 16000, there is a high likelihood of a rally to $ 20000


        7 October, 2020

        Test. Are you entrepreneurial enough to run your own business?

        Can you find an ingenious solution even in the most difficult situation? Or are you afraid to try new things and have a hard time finding ways ...
        7 October, 2020

        Bankers and the anatomy of greed. Part 1

        On August 11, 2011, Bob Diamond, CEO of British bank Barclays, gave a lecture on the BBC's Today program. He stated ...
        7 October, 2020

        Secrets of business performance.

        ... Unfortunately, most workers (especially in the US) are under extreme stress. How can managers create a work environment in which staff can ...
        7 October, 2020

        Patent trolls took up newspapers

        Now they have taken on media companies, particularly one of America's top newspapers. The New York Times entered the legal ...

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          August 29, 2020

          Metatrader 4 vs Metatrader 5

          Let's compare two trading platforms: Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 from MetaQuotes Software Corporation and try to answer the following questions: ...
          Foreign exchange market
          July 13, 2020

          MetaTrader 4 cheat sheet

          The article discusses the most frequently used actions with the MetaTrader 4 terminal. How to install an advisor in MetaTrader 4? 1. Copy file ...
          Foreign exchange market
          24 February, 2020

          We launch two MT 4 terminals from one broker

          We need to open two MetaTrader 4 terminals of one broker, for example, if you have two accounts with this company. One…
          Foreign exchange market
          January 8, 2020

          Set Moving Average to another indicator in MT4

          Not all traders know that indicators can be applied not only to price charts, but also to other forex indicators. TO…

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