Promotional opportunities

Banner ads

The site presents only popular, highly visible formats of banners.

Banners are placed on every page of the site, some of them are offered for purchase in sets. It is possible to buy part of the advertising space, i.e. placement in rotation.

The following formats are available for purchase:

1050*280 in the header;

300*600 in the website bar;

660*280 in the body of the article, under the article;


The minimum period of placement is one month.

Requirements for banner sizes and formats:

  1. Accepted for placement of banners format: jpeg, png, gif, html5.
  2. It is possible to place a banner code.
  3. The weight of the banner should not exceed 130 kilobytes.

Text/graphic ads

Text and graphic ads with a price per click, an alternative to contextual advertising adwords and The main traffic of the site - search. Ability to put a limit on the number of clicks per day. Protection against clicks.

Press Release

Placement of a press release, review or news about the company.

The link to the article remains on the main page of the site long enough to be indexed by search engines. After the article is archived, it is not deleted; it remains on the site forever. The link is open for indexing.

The article can be prepared by the customer or written by our specialists.

Additional placement formats

  • Email newsletter.
  • Repost the article on Facebook
  • Repost the article to your Telegram channel.
  • Information cooperation: keeping an author's column in the magazine, placement of analytics and comments.


Discounts are given to advertising agencies and direct advertisers for long-term placement or purchase of several formats of banners simultaneously. Percentages are negotiated separately.

Do not advertise!

We do not place advertisements for alcoholic or tobacco products, pornographic or erotic content, or advertisements that incite violence or promote social, religious or other kinds of discord.

Advertising on partner sites

We also offer advertising at bargain prices on the sites of partners:

  • - A forum about finance and trading. An independent platform where practicing and novice traders gather.
  • - an online magazine about stock markets.

More information about advertising

Our banner advertising prices are not constant: they change seasonally and depending on demand. Not all advertising positions may be available for the period you choose. Please check with your manager for details of the current price.

For questions about advertising and posting press releases

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