Forex Club: Win-win revolution

Author: Vyacheslav Taran

Forex Club: Win-win revolution

Publisher: Alpina Publisher, 2014.
ISBN 978-5-9614-4474-2
Pages: 153 pp.
Format: 70×100/16 (170x240 mm)
Circulation: 5000 copies.
Weight: 390 g
Binding: Hardcover

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A book on how to become successful by the example of "The Club"

Every one of us at least once in our lives has wondered, How to find your calling and how to become successfulVyacheslav Taran's book "Forex Club: Win-win Revolution" does not try to give direct answers to these questions, but tells how to find the answers yourself. The author of the book and the founder of one of the largest companies in the field of online trading and investments shows the reader what heights can be achieved by doing what he loves and by following the win-win principle, using his experience and the history of the "Club". 

This book will be of interest not only to those who want to know more about "The Club", but also to those who want to make the world around them a little better, to achieve what they want and to succeed in life.

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  1. Excellent book! Definitely a masthead. Everyone who is engaged in trading, I recommend to read it. Many questions will disappear. Thanks to Taran!

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