Against the Gods. Taming the Risk

Against the Gods. Taming the RiskAuthorPeter L. Bernstein
English.: Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk
Interpreter А. Marantidi
Publisher: Olympus Business
Series: Troika Dialog Library

Year: 2008.
Pages: 400 pp.
Format: 70×100/16 (167×236 mm)
Circulation: 3000 copies.
Binding: Hardcover 


In this unique study on the role of risk in our society, Peter Bernstein proves that the mastery of methods for assessing and controlling risk is one of the main features of our time that distinguishes it from earlier eras. Risk - is a choice rather than a lot. The actions we must take, depending on the freedom of choice available to us, is what risk really is. To judge whether contemporary methods of manipulating risk are a good or an evil, it is worth examining the entire history of the issue from the beginning. The book tells the story of a galaxy of thinkers whose remarkable insights help us learn how to put the future at the service of the present. By showing the world how to understand and measure risk and assess its consequences, they have made risk-taking one of the most important catalysts for the progress of modern Western society. Changing attitudes toward riskThe fact that they were the first to achieve, stimulated man's passion for play and commercial risk-taking, contributing to a rise in the quality of life and technological progress.

"Against the Gods." - one of the rare books that turns an introduction to the most complex problems of our time into a truly intoxicating read.

The book has a detailed bibliography and indexes. It is intended for economists, businessmen, historians of science, as well as for a wide range of readers.

Book "Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk" was awarded two prizes: the Edwin G. Buz Award for the most substantive and innovative work in management for 1996 and 1998 and the Arthur Kelp Award, which the American Association for Risk and Insurance Management awarded for outstanding original contributions to the literature on risk and insurance.

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