John Murphy

John MurphyJohn Murphy is a recognized authority on technical analysis futures markets, passing on his experience and knowledge to interested readers through dozens of books produced.

From foundation to technique

Certified specialist in business management, John Murphy hardly imagined that he would devote his entire professional career to mastering technical analysis. After graduation from university he expected to be engaged in analysis just fundamental stocksI was a student, hoping to get a job as a securities analyst on Wall Street. However, it so happened that the recent student became an assistant portfolio manager at CIT Financial Corporation, drawing stock charts for him.

As Murphy himself recalls, he had to understand everything himself. The labor of technical analysis There was a paucity of stock at the time, so John was very eager to seek out and study the available chart research material.

John Murphy at Merrill Lynch

Having gained invaluable theoretical knowledge and backed it up with practical implementation, Murphy, in the early 1970s, became head of the technical analysis department of the futures markets of the company Merrill Lynch. He was in the right place at the right time: there was a real boom in commodity markets and the use of futures financial instruments.

Structures Merrill Lynch John Murphy left in the 80's, deciding to become an independent consultant. Since then he has been involved in educational activities, hosting programs for the popularization of thechanalysis on CNBS, as well as owning the Internet resource, which contains a lot of materials on the same technical side of the study of securities.

John Murphy insists that if Trader can not apply the available tools for market analysis, then the new indicator will not help him in any way. It is always possible to find a creative approach in a dry theory believes the recognized author. Also Murphy is sure that technical analysis is applicable at any time scale, both short-term and for long positions.

John Murphy Books

John Murphy was the author of numerous works on stock markets. The most famous of them "Technical Analysis of Futures Markets". It has been read and quoted by analysts of various exchanges for many years.

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