Pending order (pending order)

What is a pending order?

Pending order (pending order) - Trading order of the client to the dealer or the broker to open a trading position to buy or sell a financial instrument at achievement of a certain market rate, marked in the order, by the volume and with the specified levels of StopLoss and TakeProfit.

What is a pending order

What types of pending orders are there?

There are four basic types of pending orders:

  • Buy Limit – вид отложенного ордера на открытие сделки на покупку при достижении ценой «Ask» установленного уровня, который находится ниже текущей цены инструмента.
  • Buy Stop – вид отложенного ордера, which also represents the client's order to the broker to open a buy transaction at a price above the current market rate.
  • Sell Limit – вид отложенного ордера на открытие сделки на продажу при достижении рыночного курса «Bid» цены, находящейся ниже текущего.
  • Sell Stop – вид отложенного ордера, представляющий собой приказ совершить продажу, при которой текущий курс рынка больше значения цены, указанного в ордере.

How to trade pending orders on ?

The use of pending orders in trading does not require a trader to be constantly at the monitor for fear of missing a profitable point of entry into the market, which allows you to make a clear trading plan and reduces the emotional load. Pending orders are used in many strategies and trading tactics.

Data on pending orders are stored on the company's server, so the trader does not need to keep the terminal open.

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