Binary options trading strategy "Exact Entry"

This Strategy for trading binary options allows you to enter the market as accurately as possible in the right direction. If you have a desire, you can improve the strategy by selecting other criteria - to experiment, no one forbids. For example, in addition, you can use Fibonacci levelsThe last fluctuations can be determined by this. Thus, you will be able to determine the entrance even more precisely in order not to run into even a small, but a pullback.

The tools and requirements of the binary options trading strategy "Exact Entry":

  • trade only on the daily chart
  • You can use any currency pair of binary options for trading
  • Simple moving average SMA with a period of 150
  • Stochastic oscillator (6, 3, 3) with horizontal lines of 70 and 30
  • RSI indicator with a period of 3 and horizontal lines 80/20

Rules for entering the market:

In an uptrend - If the price is above the SMA (150), wait for the RSI to cross downward from the 20 level and wait for the third, confirming signal - the crossing of the stochastics. Both lines must be below 30. Only if all conditions are met, we buy the option to buy "Call" from the beginning of the next hour. The option can be taken for a long time.

In a downtrendWhen the price is below the SMA (150) expect an upward crossover of 80 on the RSI indicator. Then we look at the stochastics, if the lines are crossed and they are both above the 70 level, we buy a short-term put option.

An example of buying in an uptrend:


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