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Good day dear reader of fortrader.org. Just the other day, one of my trading partners shared with me a commercial Strategy PipsFlush Systemswhich he bought at one time on one of the foreign resources. Given that the developer's site has disappeared, and I could not find the site where this trading system is sold, we will assume that it went down in history with the seller and, therefore, became free)

Input parameters

  • Currency pair: any
  • Timeframe: M30 and older
  • Trading time: 24/7
  • Type of strategy: indicator, trending

General Information

I got the PipsFlush Systems strategy at once with the pattern for euro/dollar pair on timeframe М30. However, after a deep analysis of the system components, I can assume that the currency pair can be any, as well as the timeframe (but not below M30, because the system is clearly a trend).

Installing the PipsFlush Systems strategy

The PipsFlush Systems strategy is installed according to the standard scheme. After unpacking the archive, copy the indicators to the indicators folder, and the template to the template folder. If you did everything correctly, then after logging into the terminal and selecting the strategy template in the templates section, your working chart should look like this:

PipsFlush Systems Strategy Template
PipsFlush Systems Strategy Template

General information about the components of the PipsFlush Systems strategy

This trading system has in its composition 13 indicators, 8 of which are responsible for entering the position, and one more for setting stop-loss, take-profit. All others - informers not affecting the trade.

Used indicators

  • МovingAverage - standard trend indicator moving average. This system uses the parameter 50. The indicator acts as a trend filter. If the price is above the sliding bar, it is a buy zone, below it is a sell zone. This indicator is the basis of the TS and clearly corrects the signals, displaying the vector of buying or selling.
  • WEMA CROSSOVER - The indicator is based on two moving averages, at the intersection of which an arrow up or down appears in green and pink. The signal is the crossing of moving averages with periods of 8 and 16. These parameters may be increased or decreased by trader. When increasing the parameters of the moving average, the signals will be more delayed, but will show the global change in the trend, and when reducing the signals will be timely, but often there will be noise. As for me, the author has chosen one of the most popular and classic ratios (moving average crossing is considered a classic, after all).
  • WTF (TREND FOLLOWER) - this indicator serves as a trend filter, it moves behind the price on the chart and is displayed with either a red (if the trend is downward) or blue (if the trend is upward) line. Only the color scheme can be changed in the settings.
  • WCLOCK TELLER -indicator displays the current time and is located in the lower right corner.
  • WFP - Fibonacci Pivot Indicator. It is displayed on the chart by lines and shows us important levels, possible stop orders and targets.
  • WET - this indicator acts as an informer. Displays in the upper right corner the information on the currency pair: spread, price, high and low levels.
  •  WEI - signal indicator based on APR with a period of 10.
  • WMI - pulse indicator based on ADX and RSIThe signal is a crossing of the 50 level.
  • WTM- indicator based on a moving average with a period of 5, acts as a trend filter. You can change the color or period of the indicator in the settings.
  • WES TBAR ONFIRMATION & WT.DETECTOR - The first indicator is based on the APR, the second is based on a simple MACD. Act as filters.

Conditions for entering a buy position

  • Price should be above EMA 50
  • WEMA CROSSOVER should generate a buy arrow
  • WTM should be blue
  • WMI must cross the 50 level and be above the level.
  • WES TBAR ONFIRMATION & WT.DETECTOR should be blue when the bar closes above EMA 50.
Example of opening buy positions by PipsFlush Systems strategy
Example of opening buy positions by PipsFlush Systems strategy

Conditions for opening buy positions

Price should be below the EMA 50

  • WEMA CROSSOVER should generate an arrow to sell
  • WTM should be red
  • WMI must cross the 50 level and be below the level.
  • WES TBAR ONFIRMATION & WT.DETECTOR should be red when the bar closes below EMA 50.
Example of opening sell positions by PipsFlush Systems strategy
Example of opening sell positions by PipsFlush Systems strategy

Setting Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders

The author of the PipsFlush Systems strategy proposes to bet stop lossas well as Take Profit, by the WFP indicator.

Example of setting stop-loss and take-profit by -strategy PipsFlush Systems
Example of setting stop-loss and take-profit by -strategy PipsFlush Systems

Also from me I recommend an alternative staging stops: at local minimums and maximums and not to hurry to exit the position, and move your profit on the levels of the indicator WFP.

Moving out of position

Exiting a position in a timely manner is just as important as exiting in a timely manner. In the PipsFlush Systems strategy, there are three ways to exit a position:

  • Upon reaching a profit.
  • On reaching a stop order
  • According to the opposite signals of the indicators.

While the first two are clear, the third point is more complicated. In the role of indicators, which are responsible for exiting a position, there are three indicators. Each of them can give a signal to exit, for example:

  • We can close a position when the price is below WTF if we buy, and when the price is above WTF when we sell.
  • We can exit if the red line in the WEI indicator window has crossed the blue line in either direction (the indicator forms a new signal).
  • It is also possible to exit a position if the WMI indicator line crosses the level in the direction opposite to the open position.


As for me, it is quite a simple strategy, although it is heavily loaded with indicators. I think the clear rules for entering and exiting a position, for setting stops and profits are a big plus of PipsFlush Systems strategy. The main thing is to calculate the lot wisely and squeeze the maximum out of the market. Thank you for your attention, gentlemen, and good luck with the trend)

Download PipsFlush Systems Strategy Template and Indicators

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