Scalping strategy on Bollinger Bands and RSI

This strategy is a continuation of the idea described earlier in "Profitable scalping strategy on the yen". In this variant EUR/USD is used for trading and additional filters for opening positions are introduced.

Trading strategy settings

Currency pair: EURUSD
TimeframeM1 and M5
Bollinger Bands with a period of 50 and a deviation of 2 (color yellow)
- Bollinger Bands with period 50 and deviation 3 (color blue)
- Bollinger Bands with period 50 and deviation 4 (color red)
RSI indicator (8) with levels 30 and 70
- Stochastic (14, 3, 3) with levels of 20 and 80
MA (50) - center red line

Rules of scalping strategy

Sell signal occurs when price breaks up through the yellow channel and goes at least halfway to the upper blue Bollinger band. The price, we assume, rolls back to the red MA line (50), where we take a profit. It was very wise to take a profit a little earlier, as there is no 100% guarantee that the pullback will take the price to the moving average.

Adding to the rules will be a signal from the two oscillators: sell when the RSI is above the 70 level and the stochastic (almost) reached the 80 level.

Scalping strategy on Bollinger Bands and RSI
Scalping strategy on Bollinger Bands and RSI

A bargain for sale opens at a reverse signal from the indicators.

Scalping strategy on Bollinger Bands and RSI
Scalping strategy on Bollinger Bands and RSI

The author does not use stop-losses when working with this system, because (especially on the 5-minute range) almost all entries are successful. However, for rare cases it is possible to use locking.

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  1. All these indicators are available in the terminal, the settings for them are available at the beginning of the strategy, it is very easy to create such a template yourself.

    A little later, in the magazine issue, presumably 72, you will be able to download both the template and the expert.

  2. Вот бы еще дополнить его 3-уровневым тралом (от средней, желтой и синей линий – для каждого уровня отдельная настройка) и м.б. вывод в безубыток от средней линии.

  3. У советника проблема. За последние 3 дня несколько раз, после пробоя синей (и даже красной) линии, цена шла не к середине, а в сторону этого пробоя. И торговля руками по правилам, и советник уходил в минус надолго (пока хватало депозита – хорошо что демо). Как минимум потеря времени.

    In addition, even with a return in the right direction, it is possible to go negative. The average line (and the entire chart) can go against the price and the order closing will turn out to be negative.

    Уменьшить риск может новый вход – между красной и синей (синей и желтой; после желтой) при возврате от красной (синей). Тогда почти точно цена идет средней линии. А также трал.

  4. There is also such a problem. According to the rules we put a sell, but the price goes up. How to protect against it is not clear yet. Only stop=0 and wait for the weather? But the closing conditions are still valid and if they are higher than the order, we are out of the money.

  5. As a variant of solving the entry problem, it is possible to supplement the Expert Advisor with the trend change indicator. The entry rule has triggered, then the Expert Advisor waits for the trend change and opens a position *the change in the situation with the lines is not taken into account).

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