A Hanafy5 signal indicator: profitable exception to the rule

Good signal indicators are generally very rare, and signal indicator A Hanafy5 - one of them.

All these arrows and circles indicating the moment of opening trades are often redrawn or give wrong signals. In addition, the fact that there is no clear algorithm for working with such an indicator confuses professional speculators, while beginners are bribed, for which they pay with lost accounts.

Signal indicator A Hanafy5
Signal indicator A Hanafy5

Nevertheless, all rules have exceptions, so ForTrader.org magazine offers you to take a look and evaluate the performance of the "A Hanafy5" indicator. This is a signal filter that shows green and red arrows on the chart with the supposed direction of movement. The arrows are drawn in the course of the candle's formation, focusing on the readings of RSI indicator and pSAR.

According to the experts of ForTrader.org, A Hanafy5 is a nice signal indicator for MetaTrader 4. Taking into account the moment of signal formation, it is better to test it on older timeframes. During testing, it showed that it can re-draw on the current bar, but perhaps use the unspoken rule that after the 75% candle, the movement changes very rarely, so we recommend to use signal indicator A Hanafy5 in conjunction with the indicator BarTimer.

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