Gann_SQ9_2 indicator by Gann's "Square 9" theory

Gann_SQ9_2 indicator will be of interest to traders who prefer to use in their trading the "Square 9" strategy of W.D. Gann.

 Gann_SQ9_2 indicator
Gann_SQ9_2 indicator

Many interesting indicators have been invented for finding pivot points according to this theory. Usually such traders' charts look like blueprints with an incredible number of support and resistance lines and trend lines. The Gann_SQ9_2 indicator will be a little salvation by putting everything in order.

So, Gann_SQ9_2 indicator - is the traditional combination of the ZigZag and the support or resistance levels built from each of its lines for the next wave, respectively. experts note the convenience of compact levels and marked directly on the chart values of quotations, which correspond to the lines, which saves time for making trading decisions.

Disadvantages of working with ZigZag indicator are known to all long ago, we will not repeat them.

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