Profit Line informational indicator: Breakeven level under control

Profit Line indicator - is an informative indicator that displays a line on the price chart of a currency pair Breakeven for open positions.

Breakeven level is displayed:

  • For sell positions - the line in red
  • For buy positions - a line of blue
 Profit Line indicator
Profit Line indicator

With the Profit parameter, you can set a positive, rather than zero, breakeven level.

In addition, the Profit Line indicator takes into account OneWay Ticket counter positions. In this case, the breakeven lines will not be static, but independently move behind the price.

 Profit Line indicator
Profit Line indicator in OneWay Ticket mode

According to ForTrader, Profit Line indicatorDespite its simplicity, it will become an effective assistant for traders. In addition, you can add accounting to the indicator swap and display the total breakeven on the currency pair on all open positions.

Download Profit Line indicator

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