RM-INFO information indicator: keep the situation under control

RM-INFO information indicator displays on the price chart of the currency pair all necessary trading and statistical information.

RM-INFO information indicator
RM-INFO information indicator

The RM-INFO information indicator displays:

  • Total lot of open positions
  • Account balance
  • Free funds
  • The total amount drawdowns
  • Maximum size of the trading lot
  • Number and volume of pending and open orders
  • Profit and drawdown on long and short orders
  • Statistics on previously closed orders
  • Timer of the beginning and end of the current candle
  • Size spread
  • Greenwich Mean Time, Broker Time and Local Time

According to ForTrader.org experts, RM-INFO information indicator will be applicable in any trading strategy and in any kind of trading, helping the trader to keep the trading situation under complete control and to observe the rules of maneuvering.

Download RM-INFO information indicator

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