Auto Trend Forecaster indicator: trend detection without re-drawing

Recently, the authors of indicators more often please us exactly with trend inventions. It is difficult to explain this pattern, but it exists. Therefore, today magazine offers you to get acquainted with one more creation on this topic.  Auto Trend Forecaster indicator.

Auto Trend Forecaster - trend indicator
Auto Trend Forecaster - trend indicator

Auto Trend Forecaster indicator opens in a new window and displays the current market trend: colored blue it shows upward trend and the need to buy, red - the downtrend and the signal to sell. The indicator can be used on any pair and time frame, depending on your needs. The indicator does not re-draw and for ease of use it has a sound signal that warns of a change in the trend. experts recommend choosing more active pairs and using the filter during the European and American sessions, because Auto Trend Forecaster will not be as effective during the flat. In addition, we recommend that you use a familiar indicator in conjunction with the indicator oscillatorTo avoid trading in a sideways market, and an indicator or strategy that shows a clear exit from a position so as not to miss out on profits.

As another variant of the strategy, you can combine several trend indicators in conjunction with Auto Trend Forecaster indicator and work when receiving all three signals in the same direction. In any case, be sure to try it out on a demo account before switching to a real one.

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