Pulse Flat indicator: determining the current market trend

Pulse Flat indicator - is a trend indicator, which makes it easy to determine what state the market is in.

 Pulse Flat indicator
Pulse Flat indicator

Indicator readings

Flat is displayed on the indicator as large green circles appearing over a yellow horizontal line.

The trend is determined by the color and position of the histogram. If the histogram is above the line, it means the trend is going upward and as soon as the color changes from blue to dark blue and the histogram decreases, it is a signal that the trend reverses and sales should be considered. For purchases on the contrary: the histogram below the horizontal line changes color to dark red, the trend on the histogram is ascending.

According to ForTrader.org experts, it is best to use Pulse Flat indicator on timeframes from M1 to H1, because on higher timeframes the indicator lags significantly.

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