Indicator Universal ZigZag with Pesavento Patterns (ZUP version 64)

Universal ZigZag with Pesavento Patterns or ZUP v 64 -some difficult to understand and build indicator-strategy. Its main feature is the combination of several standard indicators and methods of determining the market direction in one graphical picture of a currency pair.

ZUP indicator is constantly evolving and there are currently more than 80 versions.

In this particular ZUP indicator different variations of the ZigZag indicator, methods of searching and displaying Gartley patterns, Fibonacci levels with Pesavento numbers are used. In addition, informative, numerical values of the indicators display various parameters of chart deviations.

All parameters necessary for work are described in details in the code body of the indicator.

Comments Off on: A very interesting and promising indicator, which, if properly understood, can be used as a separate trading strategy.

Universal ZigZag with Pesavento Patterns ZUP

Download ZUP indicator v. 64

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