Multi Pair 16 Indicator: Self-Administration on the Background of Exuberant Colors

Section: "My Handheld Indicator"

The indicator is fresh and in color

Multi Pair indicator 16It was written in January 2011. It is, in fact, a kind of poster in the graphic window, which depicts:

– название валютной пары;
– краткая информация от МА и MACD,
– план будущего движения «вниз-вверх»;
– уверенная надпись о необходимых действиях трейдер – «Покупаем или продаем»;
– процентное соотношение роста валютной пары.

We could, of course, still describe this indicator, but as the proverb says, "see once is better" (see Fig. 1).

Multi Pair indicator 16

Fig. 1. The Multi Pair 16 indicator on the chart.

If you look at Figure 1, you will immediately notice a significant disadvantage of the indicator - the color execution of the currency pairs' names on the light background is almost indistinguishable, so let's fix this shortcoming by switching to the dark background of the price chart.

Multi Pair indicator 16

Fig. 2. The Multi Pair 16 indicator, more distinguishable on a black background.

The size and color scheme of the indicator, unfortunately, are not controlled by external variables.

Testing the Multi Pair 16 indicator

The essence of the Multi Pair 16 indicator is as followsWhen the MA and the MACD give a buy signal at the same time, a confident alert is generated: EUR/USD - buy. The trader receives similar signals for selling and for closing a position.

Multi Pair 16 indicator can be placed on any currency pair, it will give signals on all sixteen, which serves. It is practically impossible to check whether Multi Pair 16 overdraws its results, because we do not see the moving averages themselves. Without getting into the code, it is impossible to even imagine what period they are from. The percentage of currency growth by observation method has never revealed the secret against which this growth is measured. The only significant benefit is this. mental stress relief when trading on it. We are told to "Sell" and that is what we do. In fact, this is the reason why the indicator caught my attention.

And so we sat down at the terminal in anticipation of the first profits, and began to trade. The first four trades were opened by the order of Multi Pair 16, and closed also by the order of this indicator. After these four trades, it became clear that if this continued to be the case, it would end up in an epic fail. Let me clarify that the trade was conducted on the M5 timeframe in the period Asian session. And it was strange that the trend had been going against us for a long time, but the indicator persistently stated every five minutes that it was necessary to hold a position.

On the fifth trade it was decided to pipsize, which was done later on. The position was closed after 10-15 minutes or when the nearest fractal was updated. After that it began to gain momentum and we have almost restored the initial deposit.

Here, in fact, is the equity of this experiment (see Fig. 3):

Multi Pair indicator 16

Fig. 3. Chart of the account balance when trading on the Multi Pair 16.

As you can see from Figure 3, the Multi Pair 16 indicator has a basis, but to trade entirely relying on it - it is absurd. The decision to exit a position must be made strictly by yourself. In principle, it is quite suitable for scalping, but there is no guarantee that on larger timeframes, too, there will be a normal result.

There is an interesting point worth noting: all losing positions were opened on pairs with a direct quote, and all profitable ones - on cross rates. Perhaps this will help you. I wish you a favorable trend! And do not forget that you have to look wider at the market, and trade more flexibly.

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