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Mr-Trader.com is an independent, fast-growing online portal about finance, business and economics, which offers its readers a lot of new, interesting, and most importantly, useful information every day.

Here you will find the materials

  • About the world's financial markets
  • About the events in the economies of different countries of the world;
  • Personal finances
  • About cryptocurrency news;
  • About business;
  • About trading, trading and traders;
  • About world currencies, stock exchanges and financial gurus;
  • About exchange-traded strategies and tactics;
  • about new developments in the education of traders: the latest master classes, just published stock market literature and methods of capital management;
  • About trade sessions, Central Bank meetings and public holidays;
  • About brokers, traders' opinions about them and shares of companies;
  • and more.

Our authors are leading experts in the financial field, including analysts and world-renowned authors. We are proud to work with leading companies.

We will also welcome new offers of cooperation.

Mr-Trader.com — we are happy to offer you something that is interesting to you, and even a little more.

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