Business ideas

Business ideas for a small town in 2020

1 idea. Commission store

In small towns, people's purchasing power is much lower than in large cities, so things from well-known clothing manufacturers for the middle class they may not be "affordable".

2 idea. Homemade dumplings

This type of business will not require large initial costs, the main thing – to be able to sculpt dumplings. For good, you can buy products with a long shelf life, but for the filling it is better to take always fresh meat. The amount of orders will depend on the amount of costs.

3 idea. Selling dried fruits

Most dried fruits in retail chains have not the best composition, so people prefer to take the goods in special shops selling dried fruits. Dried fruits are well suited as a snack, they have a lot of nutrients and vitamins. They are stored and sold for a long time regardless of the time of year.

4 idea. Scrap or paper collection point

An attractive business is the opening of a scrap metal or paper collection point. To begin with, it will require large capital expenditures of 800-900 thousand rubles for the purchase of transport, site development and business registration.

5 idea. Polystyrolebeton production

One of the most stable industries in the economy is construction. This is one of the most attractive areas for business development in any city. Polystyrolbeton is a lightweight and environmentally friendly insulation material. It is used in the construction of a variety of buildings, ranging from private houses, ending with apartment buildings. This material is used even in the coldest regions.

6 idea. Recycling rubber

All over the world are trying to move to full recycling of garbage and waste-free consumption, so this direction will be extremely promising. Initial costs will be about 5-6 million rubles. The payback period will be about 1 year.

7 idea. Selling robes from natural sitz

One of the most profitable in terms of profitability of businesses is the sale of clothing. The success of the store can be determined by the right choice of assortment and price level. In a small city, the price level will be lower than in the metropolis. Sith robes are a popular commodity among women.

8 idea. Carpentry workshop

It is very easy to monetize a hobby with the help of the Internet. Good quality handmade furniture is highly appreciated by modern buyers. To buy equipment will take in the region of 100 thousand rubles, which will make up most of the cost of opening a business. You can pay for the business in a few months. Initial costs will be associated with the purchase of a turning machine, an electric jigsaw, measuring devices and so on. You can advertise your business with Instagram and ad boards.

9 idea. Ant Farm

As a business idea, you can choose the production and implementation of ant farms. The farm itself is made of plastic, so you will need equipment to make such structures. Delivery throughout Russia will help to significantly increase profits, as such products are in demand in major cities.

10 idea. Production of furnaces for the bath

Regardless of the size of the workshop, a quality bath oven is in high demand. Baths are in most private houses, so you can go out to zero after a few months. The project will cost 300-500 thousand rubles, where most of the costs are related to the purchase of materials and equipment. You will also need to find qualified professionals, which is not so easy in a small town. The necessary materials will be sheet iron and steel pipes.

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