Russian market participants today switched to third-tier papers

Russian indices show small changes in the first minutes of Friday trading. At the opening they sat a little, declining for the third day in a row, but the starting drawdown was small and the indexes quickly went to zero.

In recent days, the activity of speculators in third-tier securities has increased dramatically. We have seen strong growth in shares of Beluga, Abrau-Durso and others in the absence of corporate news. Today, a number of securities are again experiencing double-digit growth rates, with some already following an equally impressive correction.

The Moscow Exchange published a special message, noting a new trend, when active discussion on social networks of the prospects of the stock market and individual securities leads to a significant change in their prices during the trading day.

The external background has deteriorated. The rise in oil prices in the first half of the week was temporary against the background of production cuts in the U.S. due to cold weather, production in Texas is already recovering.

Among heavyweights, shares are down 0.15% and Lukoil is losing 0.6%. The best market looks TCS (1.7%), MosBirzh (1%).

Usd/RUB rose to 73.94 (0.04%).

The FCO is getting cheaper again after yesterday's rebound. The head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabwellina confirmed that the basic scenario does not involve such disinflationary risks that could prompt the Central Bank to further reduce rates.

Leaders: Red October (36%), RusGrain (25%), Abrau-Durso (21%), (1.7%)

Outsiders: Beluga (-32%), Science-Link (-9%), Rusolovo (-1.9%), M.Video-Eldorado (-1.8%)

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