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  • A dirty myth about volume in the market

    This video is intended for those who are interested in trading on the market with the help of volumes. The author tells about the well-established myths about volumes and how to properly use the information available when trading on . Duration: 7:57

  • Before training it seems to beginners something unrealistically complex, intricate, incomprehensible and unfathomable. But, here it is explained to beginners that it is rather a clever tactics and understanding of deep psychological processes than just dry statistics and mathematics. This video is designed to help beginners to quickly master the basic points associated with working in the market. Duration: 7:32

  • The first-ever documentary about the market tells the secrets of successful investing. Like trading, investing is a highly profitable type of human professional activity. But it also has its own specific characteristics and risks. Using examples of mentality of the most successful investors the audience will learn how to effectively place their funds in reliable investment instruments with a high probability of profit. This video will not leave you indifferent, it opens the curtain of what you have always wanted, but were afraid to ask. Duration: 20:01

  • A small motivational video about what we all want to achieve in life, about financial dreams and free life, about the right interesting work and stereotypes that society instills in us, about fools and geniuses, about desires and opportunities. We Traders is a video that will tell you in an accessible and unobtrusive way why it is interesting and promising to work in the financial markets. Duration: 2:30

  • Economics students answering interview questions

    This video, prepared by the Russian TV company "Russia 1", shows fragments of video recordings of interviews conducted with female students and graduates of economic departments of one of Moscow universities. The simplest, even high-school questions baffle the girls: How much is the square root of 100? - Who wrote Marx's Capital? - What are the parts of the Central Bank's foreign exchange reserves? - What world reserve currencies do you know? - What is a Bank of Russia ticket? - etc. Instructive video about the quality of today's higher education. Duration: 4:03

  • The American Dream

    An eye-opening exchange video on the history of the formation of the U.S. banking system. Money does not belong to the people, taxes are paid not to the state but to individual powerful families, the Federal Reserve is a commercial bank, the world economy is run by a few people, not the state... This cartoon tells about all this and the established system. Duration: 30 min.

  • Another exchange video program from the company "Kalita-Finance" under the general title "What would it mean? This time analysts Elena Turzhanskaya and Dmitry Golubovsky discuss next year's presidential elections in Russia. After the United Russia party announced that it would be represented by Vladimir Putin in the elections, there was a lot of speculation about how the candidates' election campaign would proceed, whether there would be any intrigue in the election results, and what awaits us after the president is elected. The opinion of analysts of "Kalita-Finance" about this and much more you can learn by watching this video. Duration: 34:51 min.

  • Webinar presenter: Alexander Potavin. Duration: 99 minutes. Webinar content Webinar in the form of a dialogue with ITinvest analysts about the events in the stock markets in August and their consequences. During the webinar participants could ask questions to the company representatives and receive detailed answers. Webinar consisted of several main parts: - Overview of the situation that led to the conference - the fall of world markets, briefly about the causes and consequences. - The crisis is not a sentence, but an opportunity! - Answers to questions. Questions during the webinar are answered by: Alexander Potavin - Head of the analytical service ITinvest, graduated from the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, work experience in financial markets more than 12...

  • Webinar: Impulses and Market Waves

    Webinar presenter: Dmitry Buber. Duration: 105 minutes. Webinar content Introductory seminar on the pulse-wave market theory and the TS3 universal trading system is designed to introduce students to an entirely new approach to the markets of currencies, stocks, metals, futures, indices - almost any instrument to which technical analysis can be applied. The developers of the system consider the market, first of all, not as a financial object, but as an object, which is a derivative of the mental and psychological activity of people in the field of finance. During the webinar the author will give an example of market structure study in the way physicists study the matter structure: - the smallest elementary particles of the market, its atoms and molecules are singled out; - their properties are described, which allows...

  • Is the U.S. default postponed or canceled?

    Kalita-Finance analysts Alexey Vyazovsky and Dmitry Golubovsky offer their viewers in the program "What Would It Mean?" their version of the forecast of the economic situation in the U.S. at the current moment. This program discusses the issue of the U.S. default - its causes, consequences and trends, as well as possible ways out of the situation. In addition, the crisis in the European Union and the development of China are touched upon. This video will be interesting to everyone who is concerned about the overall economic situation in the world. Video Duration: 26:28 min.

  • The Day Trader

    A short video in English about the work of the Day Trader. Peter Millman, a practicing day trader, shares with the audience his impressions of his work in the stock market, the advantages and disadvantages of this type of trading, who can become a successful intraday trader.

  • Alexander Gerchik "Wall street warriors

    Here is a short excerpt from "Wall Street Warriors," a film about successful traders and investors on Wall Street. This film tells the story of those traders of stock, commodities and other exchanges, who are the gurus of the market and on whom millions of traders around the world look up to. Alexander Gerchik in this video tells the day trader, which he is, and what is the secret of the profitable trading on the stock exchanges.

  • "Everything is in your hands", - X-Trade Brokers

    X-Trade Brokers promotional video clip talks about the ease of working with the company, which provides access to the Forex currency market, stock exchanges, options trading.

  • Webinar: Delta-neutral strategies for options

    Webinar presenter: Ilya Zherdev. Duration: 10 minutes. A stable monthly income is also possible without any market forecasting, by using options and building delta-neutral strategies. Ilya Zherdev proves it in his webinar. Delta-neutral strategies are based on the use of temporal decay of the option, and allow to keep the position neutral in relation to the market movements of the underlying asset. The author, who is practicing the use of delta-neutral strategies, is ready to tell how to build this strategy and not least, how to manage it. The content of the webinar: - Introduction. What are delta-neutral strategies; - Types of delta-neutral strategies; - Types of strategies; - Strategy "long butterfly"; - Construction principles; - Optimal conditions for use; - Practical...

  • Trading option contracts

    Duration of the training video: 47: 55 Provided by: X-Trade Brokers A convenient and clear video guide for beginners in trading option contracts, which presents all the main points necessary for a trader to start training in speculating with this tool in a demo account. In this video you can find answers to the following questions: - description of the concept of options and the principles of its work; - types of options and the simplest strategies for working with them; - types of options - European, American; - advantages of trading options; - indicators for working with options; - and so on. Options trading video is recommended for beginners and experienced traders that have no experience in trading with this tool.

  • Video Duration: 1: 02: 26 Presented by: X-Trade Brokers This training video explains the basics of programming in Meta Quotes Language 4 (MQL4) in the trading terminal MetaTrader 4. The questions are explained in it for beginners: - convenience of using Expert Advisors in MetaTrader 4; - use of MetaEditor; - nuances of MQL4 programming language; - work with external parameters of Expert Advisor; - operating the strategy tester; - etc. The video is recommended for those who are new to programming at . Everything is explained in detail and is easy to understand at the same time.

  • Instructional video lecture from the company Forex Club is focused on newcomers to the currency market FOREX and is a visual guide to the basics of earning money in the foreign exchange market. It's important to understand that this Forex video lecture is not a guide to action. Profitable trading requires an in-depth study of the market and methods of forecasting exchange rates.

  • Video lesson: Technical analysis

    This video lesson is about how to see buy or sell signals on currency charts. It introduces you to the basic elements of technical analysis of the financial markets, the basic methods of constructing price charts and the psychology of the participants in stock trading.

  • Introduction to Forex Trading

    This video lesson describes the structure of financial markets in general and the FOREX market in particular. You will learn about the main players, instruments and strategies of the FOREX market. This film will be useful for beginners who are making their first steps in trading in this market.

  • The Causes of the Financial Crisis Clearly, Part 2

    A continuation of the stock video on the causes of the financial crisis. In the final part of this video you will learn what was the end point of economic stability and the beginning point of the crisis. And also about how the chain of problems with finances closes and what the result is for us. We recommend this video for forex traders to watch.

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