Elon Musk has sold bitcoin again, but it did not help him much

on Wednesday rose above $57,000 amid positive news, but failed to end the day on a positive wave.

The main growth factor at the beginning of the day was the news that the American company began to accept cryptocurrency as a payment instrument.

"The nature of bitcoin is such that its market needs constant news of new willing buyers to incentivize the rest to at least not sell," notes FxPro's team of analysts.

Electric car maker Tesla on Wednesday officially began accepting bitcoin as a means of paying for orders on its website. For now, the option is only available in the U.S., ttrcoin writes. In the future, the company promises to consider connecting cryptopayments for residents of other regions.

It became known back in February that Tesla invested $1.5 billion in BTC. At the same time, Ilon Musk's company said it was ready to use the cryptocurrency in the future.

In a message from the CEO of Tesla on Twitter it is noted that now it is possible to buy electric cars for bitcoins. And the cryptocurrency will not be converted into fiat money. The giant will save the coins from the sale of electric cars.

Musk himself admitted that by the end of this year it will be possible to buy electric cars for BTC not only in the U.S. but also in other countries.

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