Renewal of record highs in the stock market is delayed

  • MosExchange Index: 3195,91 (-0,49%)
  • RTS index: 1365,74 (-0,49%)

Russian indices pulled back from levels reached in the first minutes of trading on Thursday. Yesterday the MosBeX index fell just 0.01% short of the record level set in January.

The external backdrop has deteriorated somewhat. Yesterday there was a fix on Wall Street, where shares of tech giants corrected, after the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and almost all states sued Facebook on Wednesday, claiming it violated antitrust law.

At the same time, oil prices remain around $49 per barrel Brent, despite yesterday's EIA data on a significant increase in U.S. oil inventories for the week.

On the Russian market, they stand out in the first minutes Qiwi papers, cheapening by 4.5% after the Bank of Russia's decision to restrict a number of operations of Kiwi Bank. BSP shares (-6.5%) cleared from dividends. Magnit shares (-0.6%) are correcting after yesterday's impressive rise.

Online retailer's papers are leading Ozon (+2%).

Heavyweights Sberbank, Gazprom lose 0.1%. LUKOIL is up 0.2%.

The USD/RUB exchange rate for tomorrow is at 73.8 (-0.05%).

Leaders: Ozon (+2%), Rusal (+1.1%), MosExchange (+1.1%), InterRAO (+1%)

Outsiders: BSP (-6.5%), Qiwi (-4.5%), Mechel ao (-0.9%), Magnit (-0.6%)

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