The external background has worsened, the stock market is down again

The Russian market is declining at the opening of Friday's trading. The MosExchange Index is updating two-week lows. Within the index, units of companies show small gains. Heavyweights , are losing 1.8%, LUKOIL is cheaper by 1.3%, - by 0.9%.

Yesterday the mood in the Russian market deteriorated amid risks of worsening geopolitical tensions in relations with the U.S. The Washington Post, quoting officials, reported that Joe Biden, who took office the day before, ruled out a "reset" of relations with Russia. The course of sanctions will remain the same, and the administration is preparing new measures in response to Russia's "reckless and aggressive actions.

Worsening the picture is exacerbated by the deteriorating external background. S&P 500 futures are down 0.3%. Oil is down 1.1%. Nickel (-1.6%), copper (-0.9%), aluminum (-0.8%) are getting cheaper.

The ruble is getting cheaper. The USD/RUB pair with settlements tomorrow is rising by 0.59%, to 74.28. The government bond index RGBI returned to multi-month lows yesterday and remains here today.

Leaders: Varieganneftegas JSC (+9%), Varieganneftegas JSC (+9%), TCS (+1%), M.Video (+0.5%), (+0.5%)

Outsiders: Mechel-ao (-3%), Gazprom (-1.8%), Magnit (-1.7%), Rusal (-1.6%), NLMK (-1.6%)

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