"We develop a profitable trading strategy for each client," - Alex Gold, OptionRally

ForTrader.org hosts Alexander Gold, director of the analytical department at OptionRally.

Option rally

- Hello Alex. Let's start our conversation with a question about how you got acquainted with stock trading?

- Well, my parents always told me that with my last name I should only deal with finance. However, after seeing the number of girls in the psychology department and the number of guys in the finance department, I decided that psychology was more to my liking (laughs). As it turned out, it was, though a pleasant, but a mistake. After I finished my bachelor's degree I realized that I was not ready to study for three more years just to get a nice piece of paper, so I went to SaxoBank to do an internship. I was not paid much, but the knowledge I obtained was worth tightening my belt. My career in binary options trading started in the company "24 Options" and I also made a name for myself there and gained a reputation as a professional in this business. At this moment I am also the head of analytical department of OptionRally. Trading on financial markets is everything for me: my job, my hobby, my passion.

- You are not the first representative of Binary Options who gives us an interview. But correct me if I'm wrong, this market is not popular enough in Russia yet?

- You are absolutely right. We have just returned from Moscow, where another conference on affiliate programs was held, and most of the participants, including sophisticated -I think this is a great advantage for traders and partners. In my eyes this is a huge plus for both traders and partners. This is the right time to conquer your Everest and consolidate your success with testimonials from satisfied clients.

- What assets do you prefer to work with?

- Well, first of all, I will say that trading is a very individual process and to each his own, but personally I prefer currency pairs, and to be exact, Euro/Dollar. It is the most volatile pair and therefore most subject to movements, which allows me to trade almost at any time and earn 78% profit with each successful trade. I don't like to change my return percentage as it complicates my business plan.

- Can you be more specific?

- Here, I'm afraid, even a day is not enough. In short, in my opinion, the main advantage of binary options is the fixed profits. Knowing every time how much I can earn and how much I can lose, I can plan my trading for the next month to the nearest cent.

- This, I'm sure, is of great interest to our readers, tell us about it!

- It's a great pleasure. It's not as easy as they advertise, but it's not as hard as it seems. And the business plan is understandable even to a fifth-grader.

- And yet, the reputation of the markets and Binary options is not trusted by many.

- That doesn't surprise me at all. Just look at advertising campaigns and binary options brokers. It all resembles a political game of two deputies who are only busy trashing each other. Binary options promise no spreadsI can tell you that even if they do, the interbank is a huge organization that has a vested interest in taking your money. As someone who has traded in both markets, I can tell you that there are pros and cons to both.

- Can anyone become a trader?

- Of course not. No matter how hard I try, I'm not going to be a basketball star with my 167 centimeters. There has long been a story on the Internet about "traders", and anyone can become a "trader", but not everyone can become a trader. A trader is a person who is looking for easy money and looking for someone to blame. A trader is a person who succeeds in any situation.

- So traders are a certain elite?

- Of course not. You don't have to be a genius to do it. Although it is desirable to have a strong character. I have said before to other journalists who interviewed me that, unfortunately, most of us have grown up on the tale of Ivan the Fool, who manages to control the situation while lying on his stove. Low-quality and sometimes false advertising campaigns and binary options lead to such Ivan the Fool, who think that they will become rich as soon as they make their first deposit. When this does not happen, they blame absolutely everyone except themselves. Along with others, there is also the type of men and women who achieve their goals under any circumstances. Set yourself up for success, be consistent - and everything will work out. I went through it myself!

- So what is your advice to beginner traders?

- For those who want to start trading but are afraid: Remember your first kiss, your first skydive, your first business or the moment you proposed to your soul mate. We can change our lives for the better only by overcoming our own fear. For those who have already taken the first step, remember, as long as you strive for something, you are on the road to success, only when you give up, you fail. That's the end of the pathos; time is money, and words don't make money.

- Just a couple more questions and that's it. Why work with your company and on your platform?

- We have the most delicious cookies (laughs). I'll never advertise my company in my life. What difference does it make what I have to say here? Without experience, it's all just guesswork. As Michael Jordan said, "I can understand failure. Failure happens to everybody. What I can't understand is a lack of willingness to try." But what I am 100% convinced of is that I, my colleagues, and my subordinates take pride in the quality of analysis and service that we provide to our clients and partners.

-Well, that sounds convincing! What's so special about the quality of service and analytics in OptionRally?

-It's simple. For each of our clients we develop a special strategy for profitable trading. It's painstaking work, but still, I repeat, trading - The process is very personal and very dependent on the human factor. I really have to go. It was a pleasure talking to you, good luck!

- Thank you very much Alex, the interview with you was very interesting and informative. 

And for you, our dear readers, a unique opportunity to get a personal consultation from Alex, just by clicking "here!"

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