"Trading is the way to financial freedom," - Evgeny Ivanov, FX-Invest

Evgeny Ivanov, CEO of the brokerage company FX-Invest

This time ForTrader.org hosts Evgeny Ivanov, CEO of the brokerage company FX-Invest.

- Hello, Yevgeny. How did it happen that you got acquainted with stock trading?

- I became interested in stock trading back at the dawn of its birth in Russia, when the Russian stock market began to take shape after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s.

At that time, the first companies began to appear, which were engaged in buying up and selling shares of privatized enterprises. However, the market was formed chaotically, there were no specialized exchanges, and the self-organized trading floors were mostly commodity-based and only legal entities could trade on them. Private investors had such an opportunity only at the end of the nineties. At the same period, the active development of Internet tradingIn the early 1990s, brokerage companies began to appear, providing intermediary services between the exchange and the trader.

It was all a novelty, but as usual, everything new is the most interesting, so I got carried away. trading. At first I traded as a client, then I had the idea to create my own brokerage company. Being a trader myself, I understood the needs of my colleagues and strived to create a company which would become a reliable partner for working in the stock markets and provide traders with high quality services.

- Exchange trading is becoming more and more a part of our life - many people know about it or are holders of certain securities. In your opinion, why is speculation popular in Russia and the CIS countries now?

- Exchange trading has gained popularity with the development of Internet technologies, which have made trading in financial markets available to everyone, as well as with the growth of financial literacy of the population and a general understanding of the principle of the stock exchanges.

Nowadays, trading makes it possible for a person to independently manage his savings, obtaining a high income in a short time. And many already understand that trading - is the way to gain financial freedom and unlimited earning opportunities. It is no secret that it is stock market speculators who top the list of the richest people in the world. However, everyone should understand that there is no easy money, and the higher the expected income from trading, the higher the risk of incurring losses.

- Which exchanges are of interest to you and why?

Of the most relevant exchanges I will note Chicago Stock Exchange (CME), probably, it is just the best accustomed among traders, the tools of this exchange are most widely represented in the various platforms of different companies. Another interesting exchange is MCX (Mumbai stock exchange), it is in demand among those who are interested in Indian metals.

If we talk about the tools, the first thing I would note is futures on the Dax index. In 2008, there was an active movement on it, which is understandable, because of the crisis, and you could make a lot of money on it, even during the day. Lately I have been using CFDs on currency futures (especially on Euro) and CFD on oil, the first ones - due to the instability in the European crisis, the second - due to the instability in the Middle East.

- In your opinion, can anyone become a trader?

Trader - is a profession, which, of course, can be mastered by anyone. However, in trading, as in any other sphere, for successful work it is necessary to have certain knowledge, understanding of economic principles, to know the methods of fundamental, technical, indicator analysis. It means that trading on financial markets, contrary to the widespread opinion, is the same work as any other and demanding a responsible approach.

- What qualities should a trader have in order to become a professional?

- To become a trader, you need, first of all, desire to become one. You can start with a step-by-step mastering of the skills of exchange trading on demo accounts, study methods of analysis, take educational webinars, and so on. The process of gaining knowledge is endless. When you already understand that you are ready to trade and risk real money, only then you can start trading.

To become a successful trader, you must have another important quality: have iron nerves and don't give in to emotions. Not every trader can control himself when he sees that the market goes against him, and he suffers losses and has less and less money. At such moments, many traders, especially newbies, start to make mistakes emotionally.

- Many people think that trading on the exchange market is either a frivolous business or a fraud. What do you have to say about it?

- This opinion is formed, of course, because of the risks that are possible in trading. Most people have a simple logic: incurred losses - it's a scam, earned - it's a serious business. The opinion of non-seriousness, in particular, can be formed by people of the older generation who do not understand how it is possible to earn money by trading.

Of course, in order to talk about something, you have to have some idea about it. Hundreds of thousands of transactions are made in the markets every day, where both private investors and major corporations operate. Some incur losses, some make profits; it's a natural process. Financial markets - This is an area of high earnings and risks, and perhaps this is the main thing to understand.

- In your opinion, what is the most common mistake traders make?

- The most common mistake traders make is breaking a basic rule in any business - risk limitation. Traders sometimes forget that it is necessary to limit the losses in each transaction, so they suffer losses that can be easily avoided.

- Why traders should work with your company?

- For 7 years our company has established itself as a reliable partner in the financial markets. Now we are moving to a new level of customer service quality. Our nearest plans include introduction of the "Managed Accounts" service, introduction of new instruments, in particular futures, update of the personal cabinet and website and many other things. In addition, we try to create really favorable trading conditions, the company constantly holds promotions and bonus programs for clients and partners.

- Surely you have had some funny situations with clients during your work at the Dealing Center (Broker). Without mentioning any names, could you share one with us?

- Yes, there were some funny stories. Once a trader came to us with obvious indignation and demanded to withdraw his money from his trading account. Since our company never has any problems with withdrawal, we were very surprised by his assertion. When the situation was clarified, it turned out that he was not our client but the client of another broker. However, he was persistent: "I opened an account with -company! You say that you are a company, so give me the money! The trader had to explain that  - is the market, and -brokers are intermediaries who provide access to the foreign exchange market, and he needs to go to the company where he opened his trading account. That was such a curiosity.

- What would you advise newcomers to the exchange?

- I would advise beginners to take trading in financial markets very seriously and responsibly. Always balance profitability and risk. Do not enter the market without having a clear trading strategy and without analyzing the situation. Have nerves of iron, and most importantly, love your job, then success will not make you wait long.

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