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Stanislav Vaneev GrandCapitalFT: Hello. Introduce yourself, please. How did it happen that you got acquainted with stock trading?

S.V.: My name is Stanislav Vadimovich Vaneev, president of Grand Capital Group.

From my first business project I dreamed of a technological business built on information. Fate itself introduced me to my future partners, from England and Italy, who at that time were developing a project of a Forex dealing center.

FT: Exchange trading is becoming more and more a part of our life - many people know about it or are holders of certain securities. In your opinion, why has speculation become popular in Russia and the CIS countries now?

S.V.: A certain segment of the population has emerged that is aware of the fact that work takes up quite a large part of their lives. They do not want to be just cogs in the system, robots.

Speculation in financial markets allow a person to earn when, where and how much he wants. You could call it financial freedom.

FT: Which exchanges are of interest to you and why?

S.V.: Grand Capital company, the president of which I am, provides complex services for accounts on Forex market.

In addition to the factor described above, Forex market I like it for its liquidity and dynamism.

FT: What don't you like about the structure of exchange or OTC trading or would you like to change?

S.V.: Exchange trading as a system has been formed for more than a thousand years, and what we have the opportunity to see now is quite close to perfection.

FT: In your opinion, can anyone become a trader?

S.V.: As in any profession, there are traders from God. But against talent there is always diligence and a systematic approach.

FT: What qualities should a trader have in order to become a professional?

S.V.: Attention, self-control, and a desire for constant development. The latter is worth emphasizing.

A trader's main wealth is knowledge. At Grand Capital we understand this very well, that's why

can you tell me about it?

S.V.: Yes, it is true that in our industry there are quite a lot of unscrupulous companies. I would like to warn traders that they should be careful when choosing a broker. An important criterion in the choice may be the existence of a body controlling its activity.

Grand Capital Company is a member of the FCMC. And the claim of any of our traders is considered through this supervisory body.

FT: In your opinion, what is the most common mistake traders make?

S.V.: They neglect vocational training opportunities.

FT: Why should traders work with your company?

S.V.: 1) The reputation of a reliable broker, confirmed by the membership in KROUFR.

2) Flexible trading conditions - real cent accounts, the ability to work with advanced tools, the ability to register their transactions at the "Exchange of St. Petersburg" through the project FX +.

3) Promotions and bonuses - an additional opportunity to earn.

FT: Surely during your time at the Dealing Center (Broker) you've had some funny situations with clients. Without naming names, could you share one with us?

S.V.: Rather an amazing story that one participant of the "Rally Trade" contest, which is held by our company, increased his deposit by 23 times. And this in one day!

FT: What advice would you give to newcomers to the exchange?

S.V.: Learn, learn, and learn again (c)

Stanislav Vadimovich Vaneev,
group president Grand Capital

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