10 ways to increase sales

The secrets of a successful business

Do you think it is possible to increase sales in a small business without investment? After reading this article, you will learn how to increase sales in your business, and not just increase, but double or triple today.

Now I will tell you 10 ways to increase sales:

1. The method of increasing the average check


One of the key ways to increase sales is the method of increasing your average check by selling to your managers, salespeople, etc. a more expensive productthan was planned by the client. To do this, it is necessary with the help of experienced copywriters for most of your products to write the best possible sales texts, and the task of your managers will be to actively use them to convince customers to buy more expensive products.

2. "Magnet from above."


The essence of this method is simple - you should always have free products or services for your customers. For example, free shipping, a discount if they reach a certain purchase amount, or a gift. Your employees should notify customers that if they choose one more item and reach the desired purchase amount, they will receive a gift, discount, etc.

3. promotions and bonuses


Stocks - is an integral part of your sales and should always be present. One great example is the "3+1" promotion: when you buy three products, you get one more as a gift! In a week of such a promotion, you can get a month's worth of revenue.

4. "Unrounded" price


As cliché as it may be, if you put a price tag of 990 rubles instead of 1,000 rubles, that product will become many times more purchasable. People are afraid of round numbers, and you can easily take advantage of this.

5. Always in touch


Rapid response to any Customer contact with you. Your employees should answer all calls, requests, and emails instantly. After all, your customer may change his or her mind about making a purchase after the third ring of the phone.

6. Mystery shopper

mystery shopper

You should also periodically ask your friends and acquaintances or hire specially trained people to Checks on your employees for quality of service. And replace incompetent employees with more organized and efficient ones.

7. Communication with the client, questionnaires


This method will help you to find out what it is about your products that customers are not satisfied with, the reasons why they refused to buy, what they are not satisfied with in communication with your employees and with whom exactly. That is, you need to conduct a stable survey, as well as personally talk to customers, especially those who are dissatisfied with your service or products.

8. A gift for "old" customers


Most likely you have such regular customers who, for whatever reason stopped coming and buying from you. There can be a huge number of reasons, but we need to find out by contacting the client and tell them that they are expecting a gift and need to come get it, and accordingly you must have a certain number of such gifts.

9. The illusion of a discount


One of the simplest, but most effective ways to increase sales is discount illusion. That is, the discount itself is not necessary, and it is only necessary to increase the old price tag, and next to it write in large letters about the discount and safely put the previous price. This method is relevant in almost all cases, because everyone wants to save money.

10. Keep in touch


And finally, the tenth way is collecting as much information about your customers as possible. And it's not just an email address, but also a cell phone number, home address, etc. This way you can always contact your customers, notify them of new promotions and discounts, as well as gifts for your best customers. When sending holiday cards, of course, you should always unobtrusively mention new products, bonuses, and current offers.

This is only a small part of the methods for turning your sales into a rocket going up quickly. I have a set of more than 90 methods that my clients steadily put into practice and thanks to them increase their sales every day.

The article was prepared by Vladimir Kanaev, business consultant and author of the book "34 Secrets of Advertising 

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  1. Let me add a few words about cross-promotional promotions as a way to increase sales. With the help of partners, you can make a unique selling proposition to customers, which will be characterized by additional benefits and value. Plus, it allows you to increase your reach and reduce your promotional costs. More than a hundred mechanics and partnership offers are posted on the website of the Co-Marketing Association of Russia.

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