What a man should know before he leaves the house

Not all men know about fashion. What and how to wear, they usually advise wives, mothers or girlfriends. Here are a few tips that will help you yourself to understand the intricacies of men's fashion. Remembering and following them, you will avoid mocking smiles from your colleagues at work, and also feel more confident in decent society.

Dark blue suit for all occasions

Blue men's suit

Buy yourself a dark blue suit - it will make you look slimmer. It is quite versatile: in such a suit you can go on a business trip, go to the theater or visit a holiday event.

A slightly fitted suit looks more elegant

A fitted men's suit

It's no secret that an ill-fitting, baggy suit makes other people smile, especially if it "hangs" on a skinny man. A suit in the English style will do its job - you will be considered not only fashionable, but also smart.

Buy clothes that fit

Big Suit

For some reason, obese men try to squeeze into a fitted jacket and tight pants, and "skinny", on the contrary, choose baggy shirts and tuck them into pants, turning into the likeness of "dzhigitov. If you have a non-standard figure and you can not pick up a suit - you go to a tailoring shop.

Don't wear tight pants

Tight pants

Such pants not only constrict the movement. They make you look like a sailor on the deck of a ship caught in a storm. From the outside, walking "upside down" causes pity to others, who think that you are sick with indigestion.

There are no denim suits

Denim suit

Wearing jeans with a denim jacket is a sign of bad taste. It is a habit imposed on us by "fashionistas" from the distant '90s. It is the same as wearing sandals with socks.

Worn jeans can be thrown in the trash

Ragged jeans.

Ten or twenty years ago, artificially aged and cut jeans were in vogue. They're still on sale today - they're probably selling out of old stock.

Not shoes with square toes.

square toe shoes

Once upon a time, such men's shoes were in fashion. A lot of time has passed since then, so it is better not to wear shoes with such shapes, but to hide them on a distant shelf - maybe someday the fashion for them will return.

Sandals can be worn, but without socks

Sandals with socks

Sandals are meant to be worn barefoot. If you do not watch your nails and do not want to show them off - go to the store for summer shoes. In case barefoot sandals make you uncomfortable, buy a quality product.

And sneakers should be worn, but wisely.


Sneakers are currently the most common type of footwear in the world. They have long gone beyond athletic footwear, so the harmony between outerwear and sneakers should not be disturbed. The inconsistency of these things is dramatically striking to the eyes of those around them. For example, some kinds of sneakers allow you to wear them with suits (not all), but a tie in this case is unequivocally contraindicated.

Dark pants - light sneakers have become the norm

Light sneakers do not go with the classic jeans. White, beige sneakers go well with dark pants or jeans and a light shirt.

The worst: black shoes and white socks

Black pants, white socks

The color of the shoes must match the color of the socks: dark shoes - dark socks, light shoes - light socks. Fashion can't change that. The same rule applies to the pant belt and shoes - their colors must match.

Don't wear Crocs outdoors

Men's Crocs

This rubber shoe was first worn by Canadian fishermen, going for a swim. Then crocs became the attribute of travelers, and now they have become a replacement for flip-flops for the beach, pool and bath. This is a special shoe, just like golf or bowling shoes. So you don't have to slap around in them on the street or, much less, come to work.

A trouser belt is no place for gadgets


You look more like a hunter when you're carrying a cell phone, a walkman, a pager, or a belt purse.

Replace a fat wallet with a purse


Try not to prove to others your advantage in money with a swollen wallet. In case your wallet is full of money, you should not show it off in public, for example, in a restaurant - it can cost you a lot of money. Use thin wallets or money clips to hold cash.

Pink socks are not for men!

Colored men's socks

On the shelves you can find men's socks in almost all colors of the rainbow, are decorated and frivolous drawings. When choosing socks, you can not pay much attention to the drawing, but the product is better not to buy pink.

Collar and buttons


If you have been assigned a job involving physical labor, you may unbutton the buttons and lift the collar of your shirt. In everyday activities, it is not appropriate to do so. The collar may only be undone by one or two buttons.

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