Make yourself: 8 steps to success

In order to become successful in business and cheerful person, it is not necessary at all to be super attractive, possess oratorical abilities, some inner charm or charisma. All you need is to have a clear plan for the birth of yourself as a new person, to take care of yourself or, as Americans say, "make yourself".

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1. Clear your head of unnecessary junk. Break up with bad habits, aimless pastime, do not remember stressful situations, detach yourself from silly problems, do not load your head with "black stuff" from TV. It is better to start a new business with a clean slate and a clear head.

Garbage in the head

2. Self-education is the key to your success in business. Read more books and magazines, especially about business. Go to exhibitions, visit museums and theaters, learn to play a musical instrument or master interesting sports. All-round development will help you in business.


3. Raise your intelligence levelIn order to improve your character, develop your leadership skills, logical thinking, learn to build relationships with people, practice public speaking skills, gestures and facial expressions. Take on everything that will help you in business in the future.

Intelligence level

4. Pay attention to your soulit has to "work". It doesn't matter what your heart chooses, be it church or meditation, yoga or esotericism - but don't overdo it. To know the feelings and soul of others, which is important for business, you must become a spiritual person yourself.


5. The ability to see right through peoplemany successful businessmen are endowed with. It helps them control the crowd. They understand the laws of psychology as well as certified specialists. Basically, such abilities are gained over the years. Gain experience in this case.

successful businessman

6. "Love" money and it will love you.. Billionaire Paul Getty often said, "Money is like a beautiful woman - when it is treated inappropriately, it goes to someone else. You will notice that the poor avoid talking about money, while the rich love the subject, and their minds "swarm" with ideas that can bring profit.

love of money

7. Live the dream. Set yourself a goal, and most importantly, outline ways to realize it. Achieve your goal step by step. Imagine how it feels to achieve your dream. Positive emotions will give you hope.


8. Don't take advice from losers - they're pessimistic. Listen to your inner voice and to experienced mentors.


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