Shocking taxes in the U.S.

While lawmakers in Illinois are concerned that they do not have a tax on sneakers, other states have long been "tormenting" their residents with unusual taxes. There are more than a dozen such funny taxes in U.S. states, according to

Tax on Murzyk

Cat Tax

A perfectly reasonable tax in the state of North Carolina. For example, an animal lover of Durham Township pays without complaint tax on your pet. 75 dollars It costs the owner his pet if it is not neutered (not spayed), otherwise the tax is $10.

The candy tax

Candy tax

In the state of Illinois. expensive sweetsThe state lawmakers believe that wealthy citizens are not impoverished. As state legislators believe, wealthy citizens will not be impoverished.

The half-buck tax

American bagels

The "big brothers" of the Russian bagel or lamb, the bagel, "fell under the radar" of the New York State legislature a few years ago. If you decide to buy half a bagel, you have to pay 9 cents to the state treasury. There is no tax for selling a whole bagel. Can someone explain why?

The age tax

Abolition of the tax after 100 years

New Mexico lawmakers, on the other hand, are clearly more cunning. The law seems to be for the benefit of the people, but how many will take advantage of it? In this case, citizens who have lived more than 100 years are exempt from taxes. Most likely, it is a psychological trick to encourage people to take the century mark.

Diaper tax

Diaper tax

In Connecticut, baby diapers are subject to sales tax, but adult diapers are not. Colorado has a tax on wipes, paper cups, and lids.

Drainage cistern tax

Drainage cistern tax

How to make the citizens of the arid states of Maryland and Virginia save water? That's right, with taxes. And where in the house is there an opportunity to reduce the water consumption of already thrifty enough citizens? Legislators in these two states have found such a place - it's the toilet cistern. Now, after paying $30 a month, a citizen has the right to push the toilet flush button.

Pleasure Taxes

Tax on playing cards

Companies that use semi-nude or partially nude labor pay a 10 percent sales tax under Utah law.  Playing cards in the state of Alabama are taxed at 10 cents. Texas has distinguished itself a tax on holiday decorationstoys, decorative crafts, but on one condition: if they hang on the wall. Tattoo loversIn Arkansas, they pay 6% of the value of the drawing to the state treasury. In California sales tax on fruits and vegetables is 33%. If they are sold with a machine, no tax is taken.

The drug tax

The drug tax

Tennessee prosecutors and police, tired of the fruitless fight against the local drug mafia, came up with nothing better than to tax it. But there was money for the treatment of drug addicts. In 2006 alone. Tax revenues from the sale of drugs The company was a success, as state lawmakers allowed them to pay taxes anonymously. The company was a success, and the parties were satisfied, because state legislators allowed the taxes to be paid anonymously. Taxes are levied on drug dealers according to a price list: $50 for selling cocaine and $3.5 for selling marijuana.

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