Eight steps that will bring you down to financial ruin

In today's environment, it is difficult to completely abstract away from financial issues. As you know, if you don't start dealing with money, money will deal with you. And in this case everything can be quite deplorable.

Business Insider, a U.S.-based publication, recently conducted a study in which it found Seven easy ways to go bankrupt. ForTrader magazine decided to tell more about them to warn its readers about the possible financial dangers, as well as added another important step, which can be found at the end of the article.

The following methods are ideal for those who have decided to go to a financial grave or to test their nerves for strength. Otherwise, these tips can be an important reminder of what not to do, for those wishing to become successful people.

1. Get carried away with credit

Financial suicidal people will find great understanding from current banks and lending institutions, who will gladly help them with this. The 40% paid by some for mortgages or other loans is the same percentage of probability for their financial collapse later on. And the use of credit cards and "express loans" that guarantee generous limits and usurious interest make it even easier!

2. Do not keep records of income and expenses

Не следя за своим, говоря бухгалтерским языком, балансом, можно с легкостью получить непредсказуемое будущее, с увлекательными приключениями и неожиданными поворотами. Настоятельно рекомендуется не считать свои расходы и доходы любителям “русской рулетки”, а также народным умельцам тратить свою зарплату в первые дни после ее получения. Действительно, ведь есть же кредиты, а деньги всего лишь бумага!

3. step up the pyramid schemes

The love of easy earnings is in the blood of many people, because the desire to earn a legal income in 20%, lying on the couch and "not working for the uncle" is hard to kill. The concept of "financial literacy" and the principles of investing, as such people believe, for the weak. But they see nothing wrong with getting money out of thin air and are ready even to sell their car or mortgage their apartment for the sake of fabulous profits.

4. Live off your parents to the last

It is appropriate to compare young people to wild animals or birds. People feed the latter only in exceptional cases, when they are in danger due to natural factors, such as a harsh winter. Otherwise they die, becoming too dependent on humans. In the same way, young people who cannot adapt to independent life, having sat for a long time on their parents' necks and having lost or atrophied the necessary skills and thinking, may subsequently suffer from a constantly empty purse.

5. Avoid thinking about the future

A future full of anxieties and sorrows terrifies the financial suicide. Retirement for him seems a distant line in life, after which it is not at all clear what to do next. Such people also do not care about thoughts of force majeure, such as getting fired, for example. If you don't want to descend into a financial grave, remember: Failed planning is the same as planned failure.

6. Bind yourselves in marriage without unnecessary hesitation

The nice shortcomings of your loved one, such as the desire to live a "big life" and the lack of desire to work, seem such trifles against the background of true love! Only feelings are important, and the rest will come with it, think the financial suicides, who are quickly overconvinced by time.

7. Have children mindlessly

Having a child without a clear plan to provide for him or her is a severe blow to your financial well-being. After all, children require extreme time and considerable funds, which in all likelihood can become an obstacle to self-development, business, study, travel abroad, etc.

8. Be indifferent to your health.

Не секрет, что при болезнях человек не может хорошо работать, и каждая хворь отнимает силы и подрывает ваше стремление к финансовому благополучию.  Не имея здорового тела, очень сложно получить финансовую независимость – pharmacy It will always be prying into your wallet, and it will be much harder to overcome the difficulties. So, every time you undermine your health with bad habits and disregard the condition of your body, you are gradually approaching a financial hole in your budget.

To summarize, stepping down each of these steps is more difficult than it may seem to climb back up again. However, each of the financial problems is solvable - often people, when they get into this or that situation, reconsider their lives and move upward. Fortrader's editorial staff wishes you every success in achieving your financial well-being and not making financial mistakes.

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  1. All very correct. Unfortunately, the article seems to have been copied from some people I know. And how people do not understand such simple things!

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