In what countries do you get a residence permit (residence permit) when buying an apartment?

We decided to devote this review to the issue of obtaining a residence permit (residence permit)which is provided by when buying real estate in different countries of the world.

1. Residence permit for 12 million rubles in Bulgaria

The easiest way get a residence permit in BulgariaThe main thing is that investing in the country's economy or buying real estate worth 12 million rubles gives you the right even to a permanent residence permit. Bulgaria gladly accepts foreign pensioners. Having bought an apartment, the elderly can receive a pension at their place of residence.

2. Residence permit for 12 million rubles in Cyprus

In Cyprus, when buying an apartment worth 300 000 euros (12 million rubles) you will be provided with a six-month multi-visa. In three years you will receive a residence permit, and in five years - citizenship.

3. Residence permit for 10 million rubles in Spain

The Spanish government is currently considering granting foreign nationals  residence permit If they acquire real estate for a total amount of 250 thousand euros (10 million rubles). In the meantime, property owners are satisfied with a one-year multi-visa. Visa is issued without the right to work and allows you to live in the country for three months each half year. The next year the multi-visa is extended for two years. After five years, after meeting the necessary conditions, you can apply for permanent residency.

4. Residence permit for the purchase of any real estate in Turkey

To buy real estate in Turkey, you need to apply for a residence permit for six months. After receiving documents on the transaction, you have the right to obtain a residence permit for two years. After another two years, you can collect documents for Turkish citizenship.

5. Residence permit for 6 million rubles in France

By purchasing real estate in France, the owner receives a permanent entry visa. If the owner of the apartment will stay in France for more than 6 months a year, he can get a residence permit. To obtain Permanent residence in FranceThe process of obtaining a permanent residence permit can be shortened by up to six months by investing 1 million euros. You can reduce the process of obtaining a permanent residence permit up to six months by investing more than 1 million euros.

6. Residence permit for purchase of real estate from 3 million rubles in Latvia

In Latvia, you will be offered a 5-year visa with the right to extend the purchase of real estate from 70 thousand euros in the hinterland, and from 140 thousand euros in the center of Riga and its planning areas, that is, virtually in all the comfortable areas of the country.

In Israel, Canada, the U.S. and Britain, the purchase of real estate has almost no effect on residence permit and citizenship.

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  1. The first thing is that pensioners in Bulgaria get a permanent residence permit for real estate, and then their family members under the law of reunification. Secondly, the U.S. has issued a law about the possibility of investing in the economy from $500,000, but there are a few buts. The UK also has separate schemes for investors in real estate with a very high price tag

  2. Well, in Moscow, for the kind of money I bought an apartment in Harmony Suites in Bulgaria, only enough for a khrushchevka. And here all the amenities: a new house, swimming pool, spa, gym and most importantly the sea under the nose.

  3. Residence permit in the CYPRUS for the purchase of real estate for any amount.

    1)Category F. Local Permanent Residence Permit (LPR)
    Foreigners who have immovable property in Cyprus and do not work or have any active business in Cyprus. Holders of this status have the right to enter Cyprus without a visa and without having to go through any further registration procedures with the Cyprus Immigration Service, and after Cyprus joins the Schengen Area, to travel to any Schengen country without a visa and for up to 90 days. This status applies to all family members.
    Restrictions: In the case of a Category F Permanent Residence Permit, you are not allowed to reside outside Cyprus for two consecutive years without interruption. In this case, the status will be lost.
    Owners of real estate in Cyprus worth €300,000 or more enjoy the advantage. But it is not a prerequisite
    The prerequisite - an account in a bank in Cyprus, the amount of 70000 euros.
    When a residence permit under category F is issued, a special stamp is placed in the applicant's passport certifying the existence of the residence permit. This stamp does not expire and is automatically renewed when the passport is changed. It is sufficient for the holder of the residence permit to visit Cyprus at least once every two years.

    2)Category D.Temporary residence permit - Pink Slip (Visitor).
    Citizens of third countries (which include Russia and the CIS) who own real estate in Cyprus, do not work and do not have any active business in Cyprus, provided that their annual income from abroad is at least 15000 euros, are eligible for the status of visitor, which is renewed annually.
    Important point: if you leave Cyprus for more than 3 months, the Pink slip is cancelled. You will have to reapply for an entry visa and then for a new Pink slip. When your temporary residence permit expires in 2 months, you need to contact the immigration office in the city of your residence in order to set an interview date for the extension of your Pink slip.Holders of this status are allowed to enter Cyprus without a visa.

    Information provided by Cyprus Real Estate Agency
    ABC Properties Cyprus

  4. I know that even in Hungary they give, here here you can read about it, there is a very detailed description of what and how to do. I have acquaintances who went there that way.

  5. Many countries have gone for such a proposal as issuing citizenship for investment and it is right, it is better for the country and for those who want to live in this country. I plan to live in Austria when I get my documents

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