Exchange for Blondes

birja_dlya_blondinok_96dpi_700px_rgbOriginal title: The Blonde Exchange

Authors: Alexander Gerchik, Tatiana Lukashevich

Publisher: Alpina Publisher, 2014.

ISBN 978-5-9614-4521-3
Pages: 143 pp.
Format: 60×90/16 (145×215 mm)
Circulation: 3000 copies.
Weight: 260 g
Binding: Softcover

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"Has it ever occurred to you why the word 'stock exchange' is feminine, but most of the players are men?" - Alexander Gerchik, Tatiana Lukashevich .

What is the book "The Exchange for Blondes" about?

About how to turn the thorny path of a novice trader into the smooth road of a professional. The book promises to be interesting not only for women, but also will be perfect for family reading. It is partly a step-by-step guide, partly a description of the authors' years of experience, partly tried-and-true techniques, partly cautionary tales.

Why the book "The Blonde Exchange" is worth reading

  • Ideal for inexperienced newcomers, with whom the authors have a friendly conversation and a "pat on the shoulder."
  • Simple, accessible language that even beginners can understand traders.
  • She is able to convince you that every woman can do stock trading with small children, a lazy husband, and a slovenly pet.
  • As an appendix - real stories from the authors about the beginning of their trading activity.

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