Forbes. From Miscalculations to Breakthroughs. 30 Lessons from Great Business Leaders

Author: Bob Sellers
English.: Forbes: Best Business Mistakes: How Today's Top Business Leaders Turned Missteps into Success
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Publisher: Eksmo
Series: Top class

Format: 60×90/16 (145×217 mm)
Circulation: 3000 copies.
Binding: Hardcover, dust cover

From the publishers of the book about the mistakes of businessmen from Forbes

No one likes to talk about their mistakes and miscalculations, let alone businessmen - because it is a direct threat to their image and business reputation. But TV journalist Bob Sellers was able to unleash the tongue of 30 leading business leaders of today, including Jack Welch, Peter LynchJim Cramer, Bill Gross and many others. They told the author frankly and sincerely about their failures and mistakes that have changed their careers and lives dramatically and positively.

So how do you learn to turn failures into breakthroughs? Read this book, and you will learn not to be afraid of failures, but to make the most of them: to mobilize all your capabilities, to see the problem in a new light, to change your career and course in time. This is how the world's most prominent businessmen act, and their experience will be of interest to top managers and entrepreneurs, as well as to everyone who strives for success and personal effectiveness.

For executives, business owners and a wide range of readers.

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