Igor Toshchakov - Forex. The game for money. Strategies of victory

Igor Toshchakov - Forex. The game for money. Strategies of victoryBeat the Odds in Forex Trading
Publisher: Peter, 2008.
Integral binding, 256 pp.
ISBN 978-5-91180-706-1, 0-471-93331-7
Circulation: 3000 copies.
Format: 60×88/16 (~150×210 mm)


Approach and Currency market trading strategyThe book, offered by the professional trader Igor Toshchakov, is reminiscent of the gambits used by the great Russian chess players. The author of the book frankly shares his experience of successful trading on the largest market in the world - Forex.

Proposed trading method "Player" allows you to reduce uncertainty and systematize currency trading. The author describes ready-made templates and shows how to recognize them - all you have to do is to read and choose the option that suits your specific market situation. Points of entry and exit from the market, goals are considered in detail, stop losses, risk assessment issues, and much more. The method is applicable to traders of any qualification.

In addition to the "tactical" aspects of trading, the book also reveals the author's philosophy, his approach to trading. This makes the book a true textbook for beginners and a useful guide for professionals.

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