How to make money in the Forex market

kak_delat_forexjpgOriginal title: How to Make Money in the Forex Market
Authors: Stanislav Grebenshchikov, Vagram Sayadov

Publisher: Alpina Publisher, 2014.
978-5-9614-4643-2 , 978-5-9614-1206-2, 978-5-9614-1898-9
Pages: 180 pp.
Format: 84×108/32 (130x200 mm)
Circulation: 1000 copies.
Weight: 240 g
Binding: Hardcover

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«Для работы на рынке FOREX не надо быть семи пядей во лбу, не надо быть финансовым гением — надо быть дисциплинированным человеком, и только! А для этого нужно суметь исключить свои эмоции из процесса проведения транзакций и четко выполнять те правила, которые вы сами для себя напишете» – Станислав Гребенщиков.

What is the book "How to Make Money in the Forex Market" about

The book is about free floating in the waves of FOREX, which is achieved by following a set of rules. However, do not look for theory in the book - it is not there. The classics of trading were written a long time ago and studied by everyone to the holes, the authors believe. Share practical knowledge with each other - this is what Grebenshchikov and Sayadov find fundamental today. And they remind: any transaction in the FOREX market is based on assumptions, not on canonized theoretical postulates.

Why the book "How to Make Money in the Forex Market" is worth reading

  • A lively, totally blogger style that makes the pages turn by themselves.
  • A Book for the True tradersThe most important thing is that it is not for the timid observer of FOREX.
  • Application of various trading strategies by personal examples using certain rules.
  • Introduction to the unique trading system "Gretis".
  • Considered not only the pros (you can earn millions), but also the cons (you can lose all your capital in a second) trading.

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