How to buy cheap and sell expensive. A handbook for the prudent investor

How to buy cheap and sell expensiveAuthor: Eric Nyman

Publisher: Alpina Publisher, 2011.
Supercover, 560 pp.
ISBN 978-5-9614-1555-1
Circulation: 3000 copies.
Format: 70×100/16 (~167×236 mm)


"The modern world is ruled by money and merchants, so the art of commerce is of paramount importance to society and the individual today, and the ability to trade is a matter of wealth or poverty." Eric Nyman

What the book is about
About how to make money from stock markethow to sell $20 for four hundred, how to double your chances of success just by changing your initial opinion, how not to succumb to the pressure of the crowd or someone else's point of view, how to keep your family safe and ensure a peaceful old age.

Why the book is worth reading
Back in 1999 the author predicted the crash of the U.S. stock market, on the eve of September 11, 2001 - the jump in shares of the military-industrial complex, in 2005 - the collapse of the real estate pyramid in the United States and Britain, and the fall of 2007 - a global collapse of stocks.

The author made his first million on the stock market by following the principles outlined in this book. The book has everything you need to start investing successfully, and there is nothing superfluous.

Who is this book for
For everyone who wants to preserve and increase personal capital.

Who is the author
Eric Nyman is a recognized guru of trading, investment and macroeconomic analysis, Ph.D. in economics, author of the bestsellerThe trader's little encyclopedia«.

Key Concepts
Stock market, investments, personal capital.

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