How the stock market really works. The secret guide of the partisan investor

How the stock market really worksAuthor: Leo Goh
English.: How the Stock Market Really Works: The Guerrilla Investor's Secret Handbook

Publisher: Balance Business Books, 2006.
Hardcover, 368 pp.
ISBN 966-8644-84-0, 0-273-65435-7
Circulation: 2500 copies.
Format: 70×100/16 (~167×236 mm)


What is the stock market? How does it really work? global stock exchanges? What strategies should a small private investor choose in order to become successful in the financial market? Answers to these and many other questions about the world of investing can be found in this publication.

In the book "How the stock market really works" the following topics are covered:
- main financial instruments and recommendations on their application;
- how stocks, bonds, and derivative securities work;
- investment theories and strategies;
- taxation issues;
- how to interpret financial reports and read the financial press;
- information about some of the most famous investment scandals;
- why you shouldn't be afraid of market volatility;
- How to sift the grains from the chaff by looking at a lot of investment advice.

This edition is updated with topics such as individual savings accounts and tracking financial indices, and includes a new chapter on electronic trading. This book will provide you with a solid knowledge of financial market dynamics and introduce you to guerrilla investor tactics that will help you build your own fortune.

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