Trading Reference Situations... or Notes of a Stock Market Hermit

Trading Reference SituationsAuthor: Igor Panov

Publisher: Adris, 2009.
Softcover, 152 pp.
ISBN 5-903155-05-7
Format: 70×100/16 (~167×236 mm) 


This book deals with methods for assessing market situations in day trading and intraday electronic trading in various speculative instruments using elements of factor analysis a relatively small number of mathematical structural indicators of price movement.

Unlike other publications on the subject, the proposed material practically from beginning to end is built on concrete examples from many years of trading practice of the author, given a relatively simple and accentuated, in a light grotesque manner.

The book is intended not only for those who are already or just going to try themselves as independent traders, but also for a wide audience of ordinary private investors interested in technical analysis and forecasting of investments and currency markets.

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