Trading Chaos. Increasing Profits by Methods of Technical Analysis

Trading Chaos. Increasing Profits by Methods of Technical AnalysisAuthor: Justin Gregory-Williams and Bill Williams
English.: Trading Chaos: Maximize Profits with Proven Technical Techniques
Sync by honeybunny: I. Evstigneeva
Publisher: Alpina Publisher

Format: 70×100/16 (167×236 mm)
Circulation: 1000 copies.
Binding: Hardcover, dust cover


From the publishers of the book on trading chaos

Bill Williams - multimillionaire, legendary man in the market futuresHe created a new field of market analysis based on chaos theory and fractal geometry. Despite the use of terms and concepts new to many (which are explained in detail), the book is essentially written very simply and accessible to everyone.

It will show you how you can radically improve the quality of market forecasts and timely identify bullish and bearish trends. The methods and approaches from the book can be applied to various markets - stock, futures, FOREX, bond, index and many others. Much attention in the book is paid to the psychology of trading - a lot of examples in the book show that the benefits derived from trading and investing, determined by what is happening inside you.

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