Fibonacci Trading. Practical methods and techniques

Fibonacci tradingAuthor: Robert Fisher
English.: Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders
Series: To help the trader

Publisher: Euro, 2009.
Supercover, 192 pp.
ISBN 978-5-902537-11-3
Format: 70×100/16 (~167×236 mm)


So far. Fibonacci sequence – эта одна из важнейших математических структур, моделирующая явления природы, применялась исключительно для оценки коррекций и растяжений ценовых движений. Публикация этой новаторской книги превращает Fibonacci numbers into an extremely profitable tool for financial market traders, portfolio managers and analysts.

This groundbreaking book deals with one of the most fascinating aspects of modern financial market analysis. It provides a new critical perspective on the concepts and methods of using both Elliott Waves and Fibonacci numbers. The book synthesizes the best of what each of these approaches has to offer and forms an accurate, reliable and disciplined trading tool that allows:

– осуществлять точный ценовой и временной анализ;
– выявлять вершины и основания финансовых рынков;
– прогнозировать экономические циклы и циклы колебаний деловой активности.

With plenty of charts and tables that clearly show how to apply this analysis to weekly, daily and intraday intervals, this book should be a handbook for every trader looking to improve the quality of their financial analysis and combine the power and accuracy of Fibonacci numbers with its current trading system.

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