How to attract money in your purse? Folk tips

A cheap purse is designed for poverty and cannot attract a lot of money, because it is simply not meant for it. You've never met a world-famous figure on a bus, have you?

Of course, not everyone has enough money for an expensive purse. Here there is no need to go overboard - you can stop at a medium-value wallet. The most important thing is its respectable appearance. It should be functional and, at the same time, it should bring back thoughts of wealth.

Money doesn't like cramped space and feels good only in spacious wallets. Even the biggest banknotes should fit into it completely, without kinks.

Can't fit the biggest bills? Then you simply do not expect to have them, so you never will.

Nevertheless, do not forget the value of money - a convenient compartment for change is quite appropriate.

Purses made of leather, suede or good fabric are excellent conductors of money energy. Artificial materials themselves do not contain any natural energies, moreover, they block the flow of external energies.

Choose purses in good stores, not at the bazaar, where you will be offered a purse made of "leather young dermatin.

According to the teachings of feng shui, the colors of wealth are the colors of Metal and Earth. These include brown, black, all shades of yellow, gold and silver. It is always possible to find the right one for you.

Avoid colors of Water - green, blue and blue, otherwise your money from the purse of this color will flow away like water.

It is considered that money is attracted by a bundle of three Chinese coins put in a purse. You can buy a ready-made bundle, but it is better to make it yourself, while talking about your love for money.

Feng Shui also recommends putting an image of a bunch of grapes, green tea leaves or mint in your purse - these items bring the owner of the purse good luck in money matters. A piece of cinnamon will also attract money to your wallet, and beans will allow you to keep it.

Put in your wallet a banknote of one . It is believed that it has a strong energy attracting money.

Russian folk remedy to attract money in the purse is, funnily enough, put there a piece of self-digged and dried horseradish root.

Money in the wallet should not lie chaotic - spread them "face up" on their dignity, first large, then small.

The purse should never remain empty, it should always be at least one coin.

You don't have to empty your purse completely. Always leave a certain, albeit small, reserve for an extreme emergency.

Put your talisman in your wallet - the first earned, received from a positive person, a coin or bill, and never spend it.

The "easy" money that was won, found, gifted, or, God forbid, obtained in an unfair way, will not bring happiness. They should not stay for a long time in a purse, so it is better to give them away immediately to the needy or to spend.

For money to reciprocate, treat it with respect. There is no need to crumple and crumple them. Before you put a bill in your wallet, you should straighten it out.

Throw away unnecessary junk from your wallet. Money won't go into a wallet with a pile of shopping lists from your wife, scraps of phone bills, receipts from purchases, and so on.

You should not keep in your wallet pictures of your relatives and friends. Photographs interfere with money flows, and the energies radiated by money can have a negative impact on your loved ones. Let the wallet perform its direct function - storage of money, not your emotions and memories.

Well, in conclusion, if your purse has lost its "commercial" look, all shredded and worn - from such a purse need to get rid of quickly.

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