Alexander Abramov is the leader of EVRAZ GROUP

Alexander Abramov is the leader of EVRAZ GROUPFor a long time. Alexander Abramov The owner of EvrazHolding remains in the shadow of more prominent Russian oligarchs, but today he is one of the most influential figures both nationally and globally in the financial space, not for the first time being among the top 50 billionaires of the Russian Federation. In 2010, according to Finance magazine, Alexander Abramov's fortune is estimated at $5.05 billion, ranking him 21st in the Russian Federation. In 2009, according to Forbes magazine, he was 119th in the world list of billionaires.

Tactical compromise in action

Alexander Grigorievich Abramov was born on February 20, 1959, in Krasnodar. In 1982, he graduated with honors from the Department of Molecular and Chemical Physics of the Moscow State Institute of Physics and Technology and then completed his postgraduate studies. In 1985, Abramov began working at the Institute of High Temperatures of the USSR Academy of Sciences, where he was head of the laboratory.

In the early 1990s he went into business, trying his hand at construction and the sale of medical equipment. But not for long, as he decided to switch to the more profitable trade in metal products. For this purpose the company was founded in 1992 "EvrazmetallAbramov became the general director of the company. Business went well, and in 1995 he created "EAM Group"., the forerunner of today's EvrazHolding. Abramov was among its seven founders, owning a 20% block of shares. The new firm soon made its voice heard: EAM, together with its Swiss partner Duferco, seized a controlling stake in the Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Works. They managed to do it by exchanging the credit debts of the enterprise to the coal suppliers bought up for its shares. This is the first time the features of the "tactical compromise" declared in the official biography of Alexander Abramov as the main characteristic of his relations with the authorities and his partners appear: according to the media, the governor of the Sverdlovsk Region, Eduard Rossel, did much to facilitate acquisition of the NTMK. That is why it is not surprising at all that EvrazHolding's head office moved from Moscow to Ekaterinburg in 2003.

Abramov's Siberian expansion continued: under a familiar scheme (buying up payables with a subsequent exchange), the Kuznetsk and West Siberian metallurgical plants were acquired. Again, using a "tactical compromise" by the allies "EvrazHolding The governor of Kemerovo Oblast, Aman Tuleyev, and the head of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, Iskander Makhmudov, were named in these deals. It is worth noting that by that time Alexander Abramov had also acquired useful connections, such as Oleg Boiko, owner of the Albee Concern and the National Credit Bank, and Nikolai Aksenenko, head of the Railway Ministry, for whom Abramov's company Ferroks supplied rail products. EvrazHolding continued to expand its ownership: the newly created empire expanded to include the Nakhodka Active Sea Fishing Base, one of the largest fishing companies, Raspadskaya and Polosukhinskaya mines, Kachkanarsky and Vysokogorsky mining and processing plants, and Kuznetskugol. By 2002 Abramova had already become a frequent media personality, being an influential figure in the Russian ferrous metallurgy sector.

From EvrazHolding to Evras Group

From domestic battles to European and world battles. In 2005 the following events took place first IPO "EvrazHolding on the London Stock Exchange. Just before the sale of the shares it turned out that the main beneficiary of the Cyprus company Crosland, the owner of the holding, is Alexander Abramov, who controls 59.11% of Evraz through it. Having attracted even more attention of the press and experts Abramov continued to expand his sphere of influence and managed to wrest the Czech metallurgical giant Vitkovice Steel from such serious rivals as Lakshmi Mittal and Rinat Akhmetov. As of December 2008, Evras Group consisted of the Italian steelmaker Palini e Bertoli and the Ukrainian Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Plant named after Petrovsky with three coke-chemical plants: Dneprodzerzhinsk Coke Chemical Plant, Bagleikoks and Dneprokoks. The company's North American division Evraz Inc. NA, had consolidated Evras Group's metallurgical assets by then: Oregon Steel Mills, Claymont Steel and IPSCO's Canadian sheet and tube production facilities. In addition, Evras Group was called "a major player in the global vanadium market" - its assets included Highveld Steel and Vanadium Corporation, an integrated steel and vanadium company in South Africa, as well as Strategic Minerals Corporation and Nikom in the Czech Republic.

Alexander Abramov's cooperation with other influential Russian oligarchs is quite interesting. This includes his partnership with the well-known Roman Abramovich, who bought a 40 % block of shares in Evraz, as well as his joint entry into the Suleiman Kerimov и Victor Vekselberg of the bank's shareholders "International Finance Club"The company was founded by Mikhail Prokhorov. According to Abramov, he maintains friendly relations with Oleg Boiko, co-owner of the Ritzio Entertainment Group, one of Eastern Europe's largest gaming companies, and chairman and main shareholder of Baltic Trust Bank.

Characterizing Alexandra AbramovaThe analysts referred to the businessman as one of the "owners of the new generation, whose rationalism is combined with the ability to think outside the box and globally. Analysts considered the businessman to be "among the owners of the new generation, whose rationalism is combined with the ability to think non-standardly and globally. Talking about Abramov's hobbies, the media reported that he is "an avid fisherman and nature-lover," "a skilled swimmer and tennis player. The press also mentioned the businessman's family members - his wife, two sons and daughter.

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