Supermarkets are ruining our lives. Part 2

People should be able to go shopping and choose the best quality products, and supermarkets offer cheap products with a high degree of processing, excessive sugar, salt and fat, which contributes to diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and obesity of the liver.

Danish authorities are so concerned about the consequences of sugar abuse that they are discussing additional taxation on products containing fructose or sucrose.
Supermarkets undermine not only the health of the nation, but also cause "corrosion" in society. For example, cheap alcohol in food giants, has caused an epidemic of drunkenness and led to the closure of thousands of pubs, where the consumption of alcohol is strictly regulated.
After a murderous decision by publishers (under pressure from supermarket administrations) to reduce the price of printed matter, in order to win the sales market, has resulted in about 20% of all books being sold in supermarkets in Britain. Not only are bookstores closing down, but more importantly, publishers are being forced to supply low-quality literature, resulting in a decrease in the cultural potential of society. And to enter the ranks of "suppliers with an advantage over others," publishers are forced to pay bonuses.
British farmers are most dissatisfied with supermarkets. As the statistics show, "the cost burden in the supply chain, has increased to a large extent with small suppliers. As a result, farmers are going out of business. The National Farmers Union claims that farmers live in an "atmosphere of fear.
There is an awareness in British society that supermarkets are abusing their power. This will lead to the creation of strict regulation, changing the law so that supermarkets meet the demands of a just, healthy, sustainable, modern and enlightened society.
The policy of Russian supermarkets is no different from the British, so I wonder how long it will take before our lawmakers "crack down" on the retail giants. (Author's note)

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