Valentine's Day: investing in love

It's getting close to February 14 - Valentine's Day. Millions of people around the world are asking themselves what to give to their loved one. The most practical ones can be recommended themed ones. investment coins or financial gifts.


What men want:

If you have the opportunity to please your lover. investment coin, don't even think about it, 99.9% will love the gift.


We can recommend the U.S. Federal Reserve Investment Banknote coin, valued at about $345. 31 ounces of silver plated in pure gold. Just think if it's worth the investment!

What the ladies want:

Here it is impossible, of course, to answer unequivocally. But I will allow myself to say that very few, most likely the minimum part of girls on February 14 waiting for an investment coin as a gift. However, let's imagine that still we have firmly decided to give your favorite silver or gold investment coin. If she is not a numismatist, I advise, in order not to look silly, a little insurance and to the main gift to prepare a small addition. You and the investment coin that you give, will be perceived with the necessary understanding, if the addition will be a wonderful, nice mink coat, even if it will be inexpensive - 7-8 thousand dollars. It is best to wrap the coin right in it, let it be a surprise, just look that the surprise is not lost and not rolled somewhere under the closet.

It's not a bad idea to give her a Lexus. She gets in it, opens up the dashboard, and there it is. Holy Trinity investment coin from the Icons collection. Right, and the amulet will be at the same time.


It will be great if you give a yellow and white gold ring, with a diamond of course. No, wrong! Give a dove investment coin first, such as a "Eternal Love" investment coinyour beloved will be surprised - there is such a mysterious box made with a heart.

The value of the main gift, of course, is investment coin, about 100-185 dollars. The additional gift is of your own choosing.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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