Consumer Confidence Index (CCI, Consumer Confidence Index)

Consumer Confidence Index (CCI, Consumer Confidence Index) - is a significant indicator for assessing the development of the consumer market of the country in question. This index is used around the world as an indicator of potential changes in consumer demand and Inflation in subsequent periods.

Consumer price index is calculated based on the University of Michigan methodology. It is based on a sample survey of the nation's households. One thousand people between the ages of 15 and 59 take part in the study.

Each of the participants in the study is asked 5 questions:

  1. About the financial situation for the last six months;
  2. About plans to change your financial situation in the future;
  3. On the participant's forecast of the future economic situation in the country;
  4. On the likely development of the country's economy in the next 5 years;
  5. On the advisability of making big purchases.

The value of the consumer sentiment index is determined by subtracting some of the positive responses from some of the negative responses, adding 100. Based on these results, the CPI is calculated. CCI Consumer Sentiment Index is the arithmetic mean of the indices under study.

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