Fitch Ratings

Fitch Ratings - an international rating agency that assesses the creditworthiness of companies, as well as other analytical research for global credit markets. All Forecasts Fitch Ratings are future-oriented, so they are perceived by the markets with great returns.

Fitch Ratings

Employees of Fitch Ratings conducts analysis on the capital markets of more than 150 countries. The main headquarters are located in London and New York. Fitch Ratings is part of the Fitch Group, together with Fitch Solutions (the distribution division of Fitch Ratings products and services) and Algorithmics (a leader in enterprise risk management solutions).

Fitch Ratings assigns international and national credit ratings to banks, non-bank financial institutions, and insurance companies, to the issuers It also assigns ratings to fixed-income debt instruments and structured finance transactions. It also assigns ratings to fixed-income debt issues and structured finance transactions.

Ratings changes by Fitch Ratings is necessarily reflected in the quotations of the instruments associated with the news.

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