xCFD trading platform - stable and reliable operation

The xCFD trading platform presented by xCFD is based on EXANTE technologies and is a new modern and easy-to-use tool for exchange trading. The platform is the company's own development and is made without the use of third-party solutions, which guarantees fast, stable and reliable operation.

The xCFD trading platform is a little different

The xCFD trading platform provides traders with wide set of trading toolsThe trading account includes currency pairs, stock indices, commodities, American corporate and government bonds, stocks (including Russian stocks) and options on gold, silver and the S&P500 index. Trading all assets simultaneously is possible on one trading account, which is very convenient for intermarket traders.

The xCFD terminal is visually different from MetaTrader, which many traders are accustomed to, and has a number of significant differences.

Figure 1. General view of the xCFD terminal
Figure 1. General view of the xCFD terminal

First of all, it is the availability of function Drag&Dropwhich literally means "Drag and Drop" and with the help of which the process of working with trading tools is greatly simplified.

It is worth paying attention to the presence of functions Basket Traderwhich gives the trader the opportunity to form his own trading portfolio from all the provided instruments and to trade several positions simultaneously, as well as spreads on options. Moreover, the trader can make several such "baskets".

In addition, the terminal is easy to learn and use, so even new traders will have no problems implementing their trading rules when using xCFD. For example, it takes a few minutes to register an account, and you can try all the features and learn how to use the program in just half an hour.

In the xCFD platform, Market, Stop and Limit orders are available, allowing you to operate on your positions in the usual mode. It is important to note that positions are closed "on the market" by opening an opposite position with the same volume. Unfortunately, your open position is not shown on the chart, which makes it difficult to understand the situation. You can find your current deals by opening the account summary or quote monitor module.

Fig. 2. An example of using the Basket Trader function
Fig. 2. An example of using the Basket Trader function

The xCFD terminal is still presented in English. Soon the developers promise to provide traders with the Russian localization.

Only ten indicators are available in the trading process so far, such as Moving Average. The option of integrating additional indicators is currently being considered.

Having tested the xCFD trading platform, experts ForTrader.org magazine have come to the conclusion that despite the fact that to some extent the terminal is not yet fully equipped with the required conveniences for the modern trader, it certainly has all the chances to become a popular and popular tool for exchange trading professionals.

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