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To make money from имеются на выбор несколько способов: торговать самому, найти своего трейдера, купить эксперта-советника, написать самому эксперт-советник,  ну и, конечно, способ, получающий все большую популярность – инвестировать в ПАММ-счета.

Is that it? Turns out it's not. There's also ZuluTrade!

What is ZuluTrade?

ZuluTrade - a meeting place for investors and traders. The trader acts as a signal provider, and the investor acts as a subscriber to the traders' signals.

Thanks to this system Trader gets its hands on a unique tool to monetize their trade, а investor (autotrader) is no less unique tool to profit from trading on automatically.

Monetizing your trading as a trader

So, the trader in this system is a signal provider. How can he benefit from it? What is the benefit from an investor subscribing to his signals? The benefit is obvious: the Provider will receive a commission from all trades performed on investor's account using the Provider's signals. Note, the trader will not receive a percentage of the profit made by the investor, but only a certain amount of commission from the trades.

But then it turns out that it makes no difference to the trader whether the investor will be in profit or not, he gets his interest in any case? Yes, he gets it either way, but there is a difference.

The fact is that in ZuluTrade each signal provider has one very important parameter, if not the most important, namely number of subscribers. This indicator shows how many subscribers trust this provider and use his signals!

Obviously, if the trader does not provide profitable trading on the investor's (subscriber's) account, this investor will simply stop being a subscriber and this important parameter will deteriorate.

And now we can already easily understand how a trader can make additional profit from his trade, i.e. monetize it.

A large number of trusted subscribers to his signals allow the trader scale results of his trading. He can trade on his modest $1000, but if he has several hundreds or thousands of subscribers (the largest figure encountered is 7000 subscribers), then the investors' accounts may have transactions amounting to several million dollars in total. And it is from this amount, he will receive a certain amount of commission. And this can be a very impressive income, many times greater than the income from their own trading.

Profit making investor from trading on autopilot

Everyone knows that independent trading requires very solid training. Not everyone can do it. So ZuluTrade helps inexperienced beginner trader (investor) to copy the work of more experienced traders and it does it all on autopilot.

ZuluTrade - it is a web platform and therefore the investor You don't even need to install MetaTraderIn fact, all trading will go in automatic mode.

With the help of a large number of filters and settings available in the platform, an investor can select several successful traders (providers) by certain parameters and subscribe to their signals. Creating in this way, portfolio of signal providers he can diversify his risks.

An investor can easily remove individual providers from his portfolio and add new ones. He can flexibly distribute risks between providers, determining the volume and number of transactions for each of them. If an investor does not want to get into all these details, it is possible to enable automatic risk allocation mode.

After all the settings made, the investor (autotrader) turns on the account and begins to receive a profit from the invested funds automatically. From that moment on the account of an investor-subscriber of signals from traders-providers will make transactions - exact copies of transactions made by these providers.

So what are the main benefits and features of ZuluTrade?

To name just a small fraction of the benefits:

– не требуется no additional Commissions service, only the standard commission to the broker;

– трейдер может scale The results of your successful trade and thus monetize your trade many times over;

– извлечение прибыли инвестором с помощью автоторговли на without platform installation MetaTrader and without special training, which is necessary in the case of independent trading;

– диверсификация рисков investor by means of compiling a portfolio of several providers;

– гибкие настройки risk levels and the ability to intervene in the trade at any time up to the closing of all trades;

– инвестор более продвинутого уровня может выставлять даже свои значения stop loss и take profit для любой сделки;

– трейдер Free from psychological addiction from the investor, in this case he does not assume any additional risks other than the risks on his deposit;

– инвестор does not pay interest to the trader for the management of their funds, because there is no management, but the copying of transactions in the investor's account;

– есть возможность опробовать работу сервиса на demo account.

Welcome to the world of automated forex trading!

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